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Dealing with dissatisfaction

Dealing with dissatisfaction

Employee dissatisfaction, if not dealt with, transforms into angst that stifles motivation, inspiration and high performance levels, and breeds discontent and attrition amongst organisations, discovers Nandini Patwardhan

Employee dissatisfaction starts with a few murmurs, "Am I living in the Land of blah?" "Do promises mean nothing?" The talk soon leads to a change in behavioural patterns, resulting in probably a slowdown in work and employees saying "no" to extra work.

Executives and bosses, if you identify with the above scenarios, then you are in the danger zone, and it is time to find a necessary solution.

Employee angst not only propagates demotivation, but often goads an individual leave the company. And you can imagine the impact, when a top performer leaves. "I believe it is (employee angst) a very important factor as it is a natural tendency of every good employee/top performer to grow and prosper," says Tejinder Pal Singh, Partner and Head-Healthcare Practice India, Transearch India. "If opportunities do not exist for such an employee, he will move on for greener pastures to satisfy those needs," he adds. What is worse, it affects productivity and overall morale. Unhappy customers and a drought of passionate employees propagate politics at work and other integrity issues, making the overall situation difficult for both, the employee and the employer. Thus companies not only have to deal with high attrition, but also have to take measures to deal with the negative vibes around.

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