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Larry Janis, Integrated Search Solutions Group, is Pleased to Share His Interview with Julie Santoriello

Larry Janis, Integrated Search Solutions Group, is Pleased to Share His Interview with Julie Santoriello

Larry Janis, Managing Partner, Integrated Search Solutions Group, and Inside Outsourcing are Pleased to Share an Interview with Julie Santoriello, Vice President, Research, Morgan Stanley

Port Washington, NY (PRWEB) March 27, 2008 -- Larry Janis, Managing Partner, Integrated Search Solutions Group, is Pleased to Share His Interview with Julie Santoriello, Vice President, Research, Morgan Stanley.

Julie Santoriello is a Vice-President, leading the IT Services equity research team since 2006. This group includes IT consultants, outsourcers, and processors. Since 2003, Julie was responsible for coverage of the Specialized IT Services sector. This coverage focused on the mid-tier of IT services companies, and those that tend to specialize in a particular service (biometrics), delivery model (India offshore) or end market (government). Previously, Julie spent one year as Morgan Stanley's Electronic Components and Distribution analyst.
Julie joined Morgan Stanley in 1998 as a member of the computer services research team, which was ranked #1 in Institutional Investor's All-American Research poll. Prior to that, she covered PC and enterprise hardware companies for Prudential Securities. She holds an MBA in Finance and Accounting from Columbia Business School, and a BSc in Finance from Rutgers College.

Morgan Stanley is a leading global financial services firm providing a wide range of investment banking, securities, investment management, wealth management and credit services. The firm's employees serve clients worldwide including corporations, governments, institutions and individuals from more than 600 offices in 33 countries.

Integrated Search Solutions Group, LLC, is a retainer based executive search firm with over a decade of experience that has successfully attracted top talent in the areas of Outsourcing (IT, BPO and BPM), Consulting (Strategy & Technology) and Corporate functions (CIO, CTO, CFO etc). We have worked effectively with major corporations as well as effectively with venture capitalized start-ups. Executive recruiters typically pride themselves in their ability to recruit top executives, irrespective of the industry. Leaders tell us a different story; they value what we do because we understand their business.

The full interview is available on our website: www.issg.net


Lucas Group's Nancy Neal Places President at International Environmental Management in Atlanta, GA

Press release distributed in partnership with ...

Lucas Group's Nancy Neal Places President at International Environmental Management in Atlanta, GA

Lucas Group, an executive search firm, recently placed Andrew Goldstrom as President at International Environmental Management (IEM) headquartered in Atlanta, GA. IEM is a subsidiary of Oakleaf Waste Management.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 28, 2008 -- Lucas Group, an executive search firm, recently placed Andrew Goldstrom as President at International Environmental Management (IEM) headquartered in Atlanta, GA. IEM is a subsidiary of Oakleaf Waste Management headquartered in East Hartford, CT. IEM represents properties in over forty-three states on behalf of retail owners including seven of the ten largest shopping center developers in North America. IEM specifically works to create, support and implement efficient waste removal and recycling programs.

News Image

Prior to joining IEM, Andrew served as an Executive at Johnson Controls in their Global Workplace Solutions Division. Prior to that, he was a Senior Partner with USI, a national commercial tenant representation firm that was purchased by Johnson Controls in 2005.

Nancy Neal, a Senior Real Estate Recruiter with the Lucas Group, specializes in the placement of mid-to-senior level real estate management and development positions for the Real Estate industry. She has more than 25 years experience in real estate sales and property management allowing her to grow an extensive network within the industry, including a strong pool of candidate talent in real estate property management, commercial, corporate and residential entities.

About Lucas Group
Lucas Group is one of the nation's largest executive recruitment firms that built a reputation for successfully providing human capital placements in multiple markets and industries. The executive search firm has increased its reach, while maintaining a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge. Lucas Group focuses on recruiting top executives in management, advertising/marketing, sales, accounting, manufacturing, legal, military personnel transitioning and technical positions across all major industries. With offices nationwide and its expansion into Europe, Lucas Group performs search assignments for Fortune 100+ companies, as well as regional businesses and entrepreneurial firms.

This press release was distributed through eMediawire by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: www.HRmarketer.com) on behalf of the company listed above.

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How to Advance Your Career And Still Have a Personal Life

How to Advance Your Career And Still Have a Personal Life


Originally published January 8, 2007

Logging in long hours to get ahead? By strategically organizing your workday, you may be able to get on the fast track without sacrificing your personal life.

Nearly two in three full-time U.S. employees say their workload has increased in the past 12 to 24 months, according to a recent survey from Accenture Ltd., a global management-consulting company. Of those, almost half say the heavier burden has negatively affected their personal life, the survey shows.

"You have a finite amount of energy and talent to provide, and you need to protect it," says Karlin Sloan, chief executive officer of Karlin Sloan & Co., a global leadership-development firm in Chicago, and author of "Smarter, Faster, Better: Strategies for Effective, Enduring and Fulfilled Leadership" (Jossey-Bass, 2006). "The goal is to be able to sustain a career throughout your life."

Here are five tips for getting the most of your workday:

Know when you work best. Many professionals are more productive at certain times of the day than others, says Dee Soder, founder and managing partner of CEO Perspective Group, a New York executive-coaching firm. Tackle challenging tasks during those hours and leave easy ones for when you're less energized, she says.

Jason Chupick says he's "not a morning person," so he avoids scheduling important meetings or client calls before 9:30 a.m. Mr. Chupick, a vice president at public-relations firm Bliss, Gouverneur & Associates Inc. in New York, says when fully alert, he's less prone to mistakes that need correcting later.

Call it a day if you're feeling ill or zapped out, says Ms. Sloan. "A lot of people think that being present in the office makes a big difference, even if they're not doing anything," she says. "The opposite is true. If you're in the office, be productive or don't be there at all."

Early birds who start and leave earlier than their co-workers may want to occasionally send an email to a co-worker after their arrival. It can subtly signal that they're working full days, even if others aren't around when they start.

If your office doesn't have flex schedules, consider meeting with your boss to pitch them as a way to increase productivity, says Ms. Sloan.

Leaving early just isn't an option? Handle tasks that require little mental energy when you're not 100%, she says. For example, you might prioritize your to-do list or tidy up your office, she suggests.

Set deadlines. Jo Bennett, a partner at executive-search firm Battalia Winston International in New York, says she gives herself a time limit to complete assignments, even if they're not due by a certain date.

"Then I tell people I will deliver something, and that forces me to work to the deadline," she says. "It's better to get things done while they're fresh in my mind. If you wait a week, you're going to forget a lot."

Control your environment. The average full-time knowledge worker loses about two hours a day to office distractions, such as pop-ins from colleagues, according to a 2005 survey. The survey, from New York research firm Basex Inc., had more than 1,000 respondents, most in the U.S.

To avert interruptions, place a sign on your door or desk that says you're busy, says Dr. Soder, who has a doctorate in industrial psychology. "People will start working around it," she says. Also, devote a regular time slot for colleagues to stop by with questions or concerns, she adds. A client at a financial-services firm sets aside Friday afternoons for this purpose, she says. The strategy encourages visitors only during that time, unless their needs are urgent, she explains.

Paula Balzer, a founding partner at New York marketing-services firm MKTG.partners, says she disciplines herself to ignore emails and calls while working on projects. "If you get distracted all the time, then it's hard to get anything accomplished," she says.

Select certain times during the day to check all your messages at once, says Ms. Sloan. "Instead of letting your email, BlackBerry or phone control you, you need to control it," she says.

Eliminate unessential work. Identify low-value and inefficient tasks that you can remove from your plate, says Marcee Harris, a senior associate in advisory services in San Francisco for Catalyst, a New York-based nonprofit that researches women's career issues. "We recommend that employees partner with their managers to ask the question of what is taking away from their work effectiveness," she says.

For example, maybe you're writing memos that colleagues don't need, or you can combine several reports, says Ms. Harris. "There may be relics of work that used to make sense but no longer do," she says. The effort will demonstrate that you're taking the initiative to streamline your workload, she adds.

Work on the go. Recruiter Erika Weinstein, 47, says she sends about 10 to 15 emails during her 30-minute subway ride to and from work. "It's taking time that's normally nonproductive and making it productive," she says.

Stick to noncritical issues, such as scheduling meetings or approving projects, says Ms. Weinstein, president of Stephen-Bradford Search in New York. Drivers can listen to work-related podcasts or recorded books and make cellphone calls using a hands-free device.

Write to Sarah E. Needleman at sarah.needleman@wsj.com


Pax Gabriel Brings Overdue Change to Executive Search Market through Greater Speed and Industry-First Pricing Guarantee

Pax Gabriel Brings Overdue Change to Executive Search Market through Greater Speed and Industry-First Pricing Guarantee

Progressive approach builds trust and accountability into the executive search process. Atlanta-based Pax Gabriel has become the first retained executive search provider to offer a performance-based pricing guarantee to today's ROI-conscious corporations. The market drivers of technology, speed and price have created the need for change in the way executive search is conducted.

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 27, 2008 -- Atlanta-based Pax Gabriel has become the first retained executive search provider to offer a performance-based pricing guarantee to today's ROI-conscious corporations. The progressive pricing model builds trust into client relationships by guaranteeing top quality talent in less time or corporations pay a reduced fee. Performance-based pricing is key to Pax Gabriel's broader goal to transform a slow-moving traditional industry with new technologies, unprecedented search execution speed and around-the-clock access to data.

"The market drivers of technology, speed and price have created the need for change in the way executive search is conducted. Our research clearly shows that the 30-year-old business model still in use by traditional firms is failing today's corporations," said Pax Gabriel CEO, Founder and Managing Partner Bob Van Rossum. "Companies need greater speed without compromising quality of talent. They also deserve more accountability in the process, which is why Pax Gabriel doubles the amount of contact with corporations during and beyond the execution of a search."

Pax Gabriel's pricing model guarantees that if a search is not completed within 100 days--the shortest average amount of time it takes to identify and place a senior executive in today's market--the firm reduces its fee by 25 percent. The model is based on Pax Gabriel's research among a large universe of senior-level human resources executives at corporations with greater than $1 billion in revenue, which have used traditional retained executive search firms. A striking 67 percent revealed they are not satisfied with their current providers. It was also revealed that the top four vitally important attributes of an executive search firm are top quality talent, speed of search execution, reporting and return on investment, in that order.

"The attributes most important to today's corporations drive the major differences in how Pax Gabriel executes and delivers our services," said Van Rossum. "Quality, speed, data and ROI are our competencies. We are transforming the industry by applying the most advanced technologies and placing a significant part of our fee at risk to help corporations transition to a safer, more equitable way partnering with an executive search firm."

About Pax Gabriel
Pax Gabriel is the next generation executive search firm focused on strategic identification and placement of C-Suite and senior level executives. The company's mission is to give today's corporations what they need most from an executive search firm: the highest quality talent in a shorter period of time, backed by the industry's first performance-based pricing guarantee. Pax Gabriel combines top executive search professionals, advanced methodologies and technology to drive better overall results for clients. More information is available at www.paxgabriel.com.



3rd Annual
"Optimising your recruitment strategy to achieve organisational growth by engaging best-in-class workforce"
15-16 May 2008: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Effective recruitment is an ongoing challenge for most companies. Recruitment of good employees is a key survival issue in business today. It is understandable that an organisation's success is dependent upon the productivity and quality of its employees. Therefore, the employers are striving to streamline their recruitment processes and strategy. Companies are developing a recruitment strategy to attract and keep the very best people in the organisation. In today's ultra-competitive business climate, successful recruitment strategies make all the difference to the corporate bottom line.
Inspired by delegates' feedback and following the success of previous Strategic Recruitment conferences marcus evans gives you the opportunity to attend the 3rd annual edition of this pan-European case study driven comprehensive forum for all the recruitment experts and decision makers.
You will encounter an exceptional array of speakers and organisations willing to share their experience with you.

Key Topics:
  • Establishing a Corporate Diversity Recruitment Strategy
  • Capitalising on Social Networks, Marketing and Software to
  • Recruitment across Multi Geographical Regions
  • Skills Assessment as an Increasingly Valuable Tool to Improve Human Capital Management
  • Candidate Selection : Making Better High-Stakes Hiring Decisions

  • Mark Brooker, Staffing Manager, EMEA, Microsoft
  • Luz Helena Rojas, Vice President, International Mobility and Recruitment, Schneider Electric
  • Martin Thomas, Head of Recruitment, BT Global Services
  • Paul Awcock, Head of Human Resources - Recruitment, Norwich Union
  • Stella Littlewood, Group Human Resources Director, Arup Group
  • David Brett, EMEA Recruitment Manager, Motorola
  • Marcus Fischer, Manager, Personnel Marketing and New Media, Audi AG
  • Steven Scheers, Vice President Executive Recruitment and Management Development, NXP Semiconductors
  • Jane Clark, Head of Campus Recruiting, EMEA, Merrill Lynch
  • Mario di Loreto, Regional Human Resources Director Italy and Central Mediterranean, Starwood Hotels and Resorts
  • Ursula Muckenhuber, Head of Recruiting and Personnel Development, Raiffeisen Zentralbank Österreich AG
  • Miroslava Markova, Human Resources Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria S.A
  • Nurdan Tas, Vice President, Recruitment, T.Garanti Bankasi A.S
  • Kristine Sneidere, Head of Personnel Development and Selection Department, AS Hansabanka
  • Marc François-Brazier, Vice President, Knowledge and Talent Development, Alstom Transport
  • Ingolf Teetz, Chief Technical Officer, Milch & Zucker
  • Matthew Parker, Group Managing Director, Stepstone

For a full program and registration information please send Email with "more info Recruitment" in the subject field.

Mr Ola Samuelsson
Senior Marketing Manager
marcus evans
11 Connaught Place
London W2 2ET
Email marketing2@marcusevansuk.com

The Alexander Group Recruits COO For Ice Miller

The Alexander Group Recruits COO For Ice Miller

Executive search firm The Alexander Group has placed Mitchell Hopwood as chief operating officer of Ice Miller LLP, Indianapolis' largest law firm. Prior to joining Ice Miller, Mr. Hopwood held the office of executive director for a Louisville-based law Firm. While there, he served as a key member of the executive committee and as a chief advisor to the firm's chairman. The Alexander Group is a 25 year old national retained executive search firm that focuses on a wide array of industries.

Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Martin Partners Places CEO At Atlas

Martin Partners Places CEO At Atlas

Chicago-based executive search firm Martin Partners has placed Richard Weiler as chief executive officer at Atlas Material Testing Solutions. Prior to joining Atlas, Mr. Weiler was vice president, worldwide sales and service at PerkinElmer Optoelectronics. Atlas is a global leader in material testing and weathering solutions. Martin Partners was founded in 1996 and recruits middle to senior-level executives for a wide array of industries.

Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Study in England Have an experience of a lifetime while studying abroad in England, one of the most important cities in the world.

Heidrick & Struggles CFO Resigns

Heidrick & Struggles CFO Resigns

Executive search firm Heidrick & Struggles International has announced that Eileen A. Kamerick, the firm's executive vice president, chief financial officer and chief administrative officer, has decided to resign from her positions with the company. Kevin Kelly, chief executive officer, said: "We thank Eileen for her tremendous contributions to Heidrick & Struggles over the last four years and wish her the best. She built a great team of financial professionals and played a critical role in improving the cost structure and profitability of the company, positioning us for continued success. Our executive team remains fully committed to the financial discipline that our shareholders have come to expect." The formal search for a new CFO will begin immediately. Ms. Kamerick will remain in her position through May 10 to complete the close of the company's first quarter and filing of its 10-Q.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Harrington J White Completes Search For Phorm

Harrington J White Completes Search For Phorm

White Plains, NY-based Harrington J White, Executive Search LLC has recruited Sandra Matthiessen as vice president of human resources with Phorm. Ms. Matthiessen formerly served as director of human resources at Conde Nast Publications. Ron Harrington and Matt DeSabella led the assignment. With offices in New York, London, and Moscow, Phorm is an innovative digital technology company. Harrington J White, specializes in placing sales and marketing executives within the interactive space.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Coleman Lew Names Partner

Coleman Lew Names Partner

Charlotte, N.C.-based executive search firm Coleman Lew & Associates, Inc. has selected Jean B. McCandless as the firm's newest partner. Coleman Lew now has a total of 10 partners, four of whom were selected since January 2007. "Jeanie's expertise in research and industry sourcing has been a great asset for our growing firm. As partner, her leadership and experience will be an even greater resource for the benefit of our clients and staff,” said Kenneth D. Carrick Jr., managing partner. Ms. McCandless began her career as a manager in commercial lending with First Union National Bank and later worked as an account executive for Southern Bell before joining Coleman Lew in 1995. Coleman Lew & Associates, founded in 1979, specializes in the recruitment of board and senior level executives for national and international companies, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Kaye/Bassman Adds To Real Estate Specialty Practice

Kaye/Bassman Adds To Real Estate Specialty Practice

Executive search firm Kaye/Bassman International has added Alex Cox as a senior search consultant to its real estate specialty practice. Mr. Cox joins Kaye/Bassman from StateStreet Search Advisors where he oversaw the firm’s real estate search practice. His real estate and search experience spans several years specifically in the areas of development, acquisitions, asset management and capital markets. “Our ability to attract an experienced search professional such as Alex demonstrates our commitment to increasing our market share within the real estate industry, as well as, strengthening the future leadership of our firm,” said Jeff Kaye, CEO. Kaye/Bassman was founded in 1981 and provides executive search services to a wide array of industries.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

How to place more candidates DURING a recession

HireAbility's Recruiter Training Center Exclusively Presents Fran Goldstein
Header Graphic

Upcoming Training's:
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About Fran Goldstein
Fran Goldstein CPC CSP is an expert in sales and sales leadership. Drawing on more than twenty five years of sales and business experience, Fran developed her unique ROI message to help businesses increase their overall performance by building stronger teams (Return on Ideals) and driving results to improve the bottom line (Return on Investment). She consults with CEO's to support their sales management team, and through her keynotes and workshops, Fran shares her powerful formula.

Fran serves on The Board of Directors of The National Speakers Association of New England. Fran has served as President and Vice President of The Massachusetts Association of Personnel Services, Massachusetts Staffing Association and the National Association of Personnel Services. Fran also teaches entrepreneurial students at Northeastern University's College of Business.

Quoted in The Boston Globe and other publications, Fran has been featured in the Who's Who in Women's Business Resource Guide. She has also been the recipient of the 2004, 2005 and 2007 NAPS Chairman's Award in which she was recognized for her many years of leadership, outstanding dedication and commitment. Fran's articles have been published in HireAbility, Bullhorn, Commonwealth United, and Women's Business.
Fran has a BS from Syracuse University and lives in the Boston area with her husband, Robert. Her new book, Lead Up ... The Sales Leaders Formula for Increased ROI, is due for release in 2008.

HireAbility's Recruiter Training Center
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Fran Goldstein's "Recession-proof your recruiting sales!"

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One of the coolest thing about sales is that it is recession proof! Companies will continue to hire, only with less resources. As a recruiter in direct hire or staffing/contract, you can leverage your expertise and become your client's most valuable business partner in this changing market.

In this fun, practical presentation, Fran will teach you:

  • 10 sales tips to stay ahead of the curve, always
  • How to develop exclusive deals with your clients
  • Ways to sell that retain full fees and margins
  • Negotiation techniques that will promote your credibility
  • When & how networking can really pay off
  • Strategies to become Top of Mind with every client
  • How to measure your ROI every day
Exclusive Offers
Receive a complimentary copy of Fran's "101 + FABQ's" or a 30-minute one-to-one with Fran. You will also receive Fran's new workbook, "Today's Complete ROI," with each purchase of her exclusive book, Lead Up!

Wednesday, March 26th
1:30 - 3 PM EDT
HireAbility's Online Recruiter Training Center
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1.5 CEU credits awarded

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what the Recruiter Training Center has in its online library.

Pederson appoints ČR head

Pederson appoints ČR head

March 12th, 2008

The executive search firm Pedersen & Partners has appointed Daniel Hron to the position of country manager for the Czech Republic. The current country manager, Michael Al-Nassir, is scheduled to commence a new assignment within the firm later this year, after overseeing the management transition.
For the past seven years, Hron has served as a principal consultant at Egon Zehnder International in the Czech Republic. Before Egon Zehnder, Hron worked in various positions for Schindler Elevators in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Slovakia, including as general manager of Schindler Slovakia.

Hron is a founding board member of the British Business Forum. He is a graduate of the University of Ottawa and holds an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.
The consulting company ASB Prague has expanded its trust management team with the appointment of Pavel Včelák. Prior to joining ASB, Včelák managed projects and supervised service agreements at Accenture. He is a graduate of Prague’s University of Economics, where he specialized in international trade.

Google’s Czech branch has hired Daniel Nohel as a sales manager. Nohel joins Google from the media agency Mindshare, where he led the sales department after previously working as an interaction manager. Prior to joining Mindshare in 2003, Nohel worked for two years as a project manager at M.I.A.
Nohel is a graduate of the Faculty of Business Administration at the Silesian University in Opava, north Moravia.
WPB Capital has named Martin Brabec its new financial director. With more than 10 years experience in bank finance, Brabec, 34, will be responsible for all aspect of WPB’s finances. Brabec comes to the position from Hypoteční banka, where, since 2003, he led the bank’s departmental planning and investments.

The public relations firm Mmd has appointed Petra Koláčná to the position of senior account manager. Koláčná previously worked at Colin PR, where she contributed to the formation, realization and development of communication strategies, specifically for Sitronics TS, Check Point Software Technologies and Xerox.
Koláčná’s public relations career began at the Geosan Group. She then worked for the consulting company CWE, where she was responsible for the communication strategy of the Czech Republic’s Waterways Directorate.
She is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Czech University of Agriculture, where she is now also pursuing a doctorate.
— Compiled by Kira Rose.
Prague Post

WisdomTree Investments Appoints CFO

WisdomTree Investments Appoints CFO
WisdomTree Investments, Inc. has named Amit Muni as chief financial officer. Mr. Muni previously served as controller and chief accounting officer of International Securities Exchange Holdings, Inc. WisdomTree Investments, Inc. developed the first family of fundamentally weighted indexes and ETFs.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Angeion Corporation Names CFO

Angeion Corporation Names CFO
Angeion Corporation/(NASDAQ:ANGN) has appointed William J. Kullback as senior vice president and chief financial officer. Most recently he was CFO of Flex Fund Financial Services. Angeion Corporation designs, develops, manufactures and markets medical devices.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Innovex Appoints CFO

Innovex Appoints CFO
Innovex/(NASDAQ:INVX) has named Randy Acres as chief financial officer. Mr. Acres most recently served as chief financial officer – Asia Pacific for Symbol Technologies Inc and Brocade Communications Systems Inc. Innovex, Inc. is a manufacturer of high-density flexible circuit-based electronic interconnect solutions.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Telular Names CFO

Telular Names CFO
Jonathan M. Charak, previously serving as financial officer of Vanderbilt Financial, LLC, has been named as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Telular Corporation/(NASDAQ:WRLS) of Vernon Hills, Illinois. The company is a leader in the design and manufacturing of wireless products.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Sterling Human Resources Names Singapore Partner

Sterling Human Resources, a U.S.-based executive search firm, has appointed Robin Tan as managing director and partner for their Singapore operations. Sterling Human Resources has a 12-year presence and track record in Singapore, and operates offices in the U.S., U.K., China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. Leading a team of 10 experienced executive search professionals, Mr. Tan serves as main contact point for regional client engagement, and with the mandate to provide existing and new clients in the life sciences, IT, industrial, consumer and real estate sectors. Mr. Tan has been the practice leader for Sterling’s life sciences practice since 2003. He held previous appointments in both executive search and HR staffing functions with Korn/Ferry International, Dell Computer, Ernst & Young, PwC, and Baxter Healthcare.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

StepStone Expands Into China

Online recruiting site StepStone has expanded its operations in China through a binding agreement to acquire LEVEL4 Performance Consulting Limited, a Hong Kong company and its subsidiary in mainland China. The acquisition will enable StepStone to accelerate its penetration of the expanding Chinese talent management market. Existing StepStone customers in China include Ford, Intertek, KPMG and SGS. LEVEL4 focuses on talent management consultancy services and the sale and implementation of talent solutions. It has offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangzhou. StepStone will acquire a majority interest with an option to acquire the minority interest it does not own in 2011. LEVEL4 will be renamed StepStone China. Roy Fung, the current majority shareholder, will remain with the business and take on the role of president, StepStone Greater China. "Recent Economist Intelligence Unit research indicates that recruitment is becoming tougher globally but Asia is the market where recruitment and retention difficulties are acute, increasing the need for organizations to adopt a robust recruitment and talent management strategy. I am very pleased to welcome Roy and his team to StepStone. They become part of an expanding Asia Pacific operation that will accelerate the delivery of StepStone products and services to this important market," StepStone CEO, Colin Tenwick, said.
Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

Partnership of DiversityCareers.ca and TMP Worldwide (former division of Monster Worlwide)

Partnership of DiversityCareers.ca and TMP Worldwide (former division of Monster Worlwide)

DiversityCareers.ca job board is now available through Job

Toronto, Ontario - March 17, 2008 - Diversitycareers.ca
(http://www.diversitycareers.ca) is pleased to announce their
partnership with TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications
(http://www.tmp.com). Integration of Canada's Diversity Job site to
North America's largest independent recruitment advertising and
communications agency distribution tool (Job Viper) will allow TMP's
customers looking to diversify their workforce to use
Diversitycareers.ca for their online recruitment.

"We are very excited with this integration. This strategic partnership
will enable us to facilitate employers looking to recruit the best
qualified diverse candidates. Diversitycareers.ca will work with TMP
in providing solutions to employers for continuous improvement of
their diversity hiring, inclusion and retention." said Joanna Lee,
Communications Consultant of DiversityCareers.ca

"This partnership will allow our clients to distribute their
opportunities to a wide range of communities and add significantly to
their sourcing toolkit." said Wayne Burns, SVP Canada for TMP
Worldwide Advertising and Communications.

TMP's clients will now have access to post their jobs by simply selecting
Diversitycareers.ca from the list of job boards in Job Viper and have
their job postings pushed automatically to DiversityCareers.ca website.

About DiversityCareers.ca - Canada's one-stop Diversity Job site
specializing in Diversity hiring and career development.
DiversityCareers.ca employment website provides job postings for
Skilled immigrants/Newcomers in Canada, visible minorities, people
with disabilities, women in the workplace, mature worker (45+),
Canadians and LGBT. Online resource for jobs and recruitment for
employers looking to diversify their talent pool. For more
information, visit http://www.diversitycareers.ca

About TMP Worldwide Advertising & Communications (http://www.tmp.com)
is North America's largest independent recruitment advertising agency
and the only recruitment advertising agency recognized among the top
25 U.S. Interactive agencies. We are a single source for companies to
communicate their employment offerings in order to recruit and retain
the best talent. Through online and traditional communications, ROI
campaign management services, creative and brand management, diversity
enrichment, and media planning, TMP
delivers Solutions with an Interactive Edge, achieving
industry-specific results across virtually every sector in business
and government. Headquartered in New York City with offices throughout
North America and affiliates around the globe, TMP continues to set
the standard for measurable and cost-effective HR communications. TMP
was formerly a division of Monster Worldwide, becoming an independent
company in 2006.

For more information, please contact

Karl Espiritu
(416) 754-8884
Email: Karl.Espiritu@diversitycareers.ca
Website: www.DiversityCareers.ca

Ways to Find Recruiters Who Specialize in Your Niche

Ways to Find Recruiters
Who Specialize in Your Niche

March 18, 2008

Originally published November 7, 2006

Building relationships with recruiters may expose you to career opportunities that you might not learn about otherwise. Most employers don't advertise the positions they hire recruiters to help fill, which are typically a firm's most senior and highest-paying. And search executives usually promote their services to employers, not job hunters.

Identifying and connecting with recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise can be very worthwhile -- though candidates should remember that recruiters are paid by the employer, and will put that employer's interests first. Such niche recruiters aren't always easy to find, so job seekers might need to use creative tactics.

Here are some ways of identifying recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise.

Start by tapping your own network. Many senior executives work with recruiters at some point in their careers as a candidate or client, says Rick Slayton, president of Slayton Search Partners Inc., a Chicago-based recruiting firm. Ask the most experienced professionals in your network to refer you to the recruiters they know, he says.

Other sources are people you know in your industry or at organizations that interest you, says Lynette Lewis, a human-resources consultant and author of "Climbing the Ladder in Stilettos" (Thomas Nelson, 2006). Find out which recruiting firms their employers use. Don't be discouraged if the list you compile is short. "In certain niche markets, there are recruiters who pretty much work with all big players," she says. "You'll typically hear the same name several times."

A good way to stay on a recruiter's radar screen is to suggest names of prospects you know for jobs the recruiter is seeking to fill, but for which you don't qualify, adds Mr. Slayton. Be sure to offer quality referrals, he says, because inappropriate recommendations can reflect poorly on you.

Sara Hawes says that in 2000 she emailed an acquaintance at Deloitte & Touche LLP to ask which search firm the auditing and management-services company retains. A few days later, her contact, a partner at the firm, introduced her to a recruiter via email. She followed up by phone and was invited to interview for a job as a business-development manager at Deloitte's New York office. Ms. Hawes, who had been a vice president of investor relations at a start-up, got the job. "They needed me right at that moment, and it worked out perfectly," says Ms. Hawes, 47 years old, who is now a client-services executive at a large technology-services company.

Scan recruiter directories. Your local library may have these resources available at no charge, says Arlene Hirsch, a career coach in Chicago.

RileyGuide.com, a free online job-search resource, has a listing of recruiter directories, some free to users online, such as Oya's Directory of Recruiters, among others. Most fee-based directories are more up-to-date and offer better search options, says Margaret Dikel, author of the Riley Guide. (RileyGuide.com is a business partner of Dow Jones & Co., the publisher of this Web site.)

Kennedy Information Inc. publishes RecruiterRedbook.com, the online database version of its book "The Directory of Executive Recruiters 2007-2008." Both cost $59.95 and list 16,500 recruiters at more than 5,700 search firms. The database comes as an annual subscription. Kennedy, based in Peterborough, N.H., also publishes SelectRecruiters.com, offering a downloadable spreadsheet, handy for mass mailing a resume to recruiters, for a one-time fee of $1 per spreadsheet and a minimum payment of $30. (Kennedy is a business partner of Dow Jones & Co., the publisher of this Web site.)

BlueSteps.com, from the Association of Executive Search Consultants, includes a database of more than 4,000 recruiters from its member firms, along with other features. Access to the database costs $299 for two years, among other pricing options.

You can also search for recruiters' profiles online. Many recruiters have profiles on networking sites such as LinkedIn.com, Ecademy.com and Doostang.com. To find them, do a keyword search or ask fellow members for referrals.

LinkedIn.com, for instance, carries about 90,000 recruiter profiles, according to co-founder Konstantin Guericke, and most list a specialty. It's free to join and search the site, though other features require paid membership. To find recruiters' profiles, click on the "advanced search" tool at the top of the home page for members. In the Industry category, select "corporate services," then choose "staffing and recruiting." Enter a keyword, such as the recruiter specialty you're seeking, and then hit "search."

Message boards may have postings that relate to specialists in your search area. Check career-networking sites. In addition, job hunters can seek recruiter referrals on boards hosted by their trade association, professional society or alma mater.

Members of Netshare.com, a networking Web site for executives, frequently post queries for referrals on its discussion boards, says Annette DiSano, executive vice president at Netshare.com. (Netshare is a business partner of Dow Jones & Co., the publisher of this Web site.) Netshare, a membership organization based in Novato, Calif., costs $40 a month to $360 a year to join. In addition to career-related groups, job hunters can seek recruiter referrals on boards hosted by their trade association, professional society or alma mater.

Remember to read the business press. Recruiters often are quoted in news media, notes Carrie Pryor, a senior client partner in New York for Korn/Ferry International, a Los Angeles-based recruiting firm. If you read about one who interests you, type the recruiter's name into a search engine to find his or her contact information, she suggests.

In June 2004, when Ms. Pryor worked for a different recruiting firm, a job seeker from North Carolina called her and offered himself as a candidate. He said that he'd read about her in a newspaper article and was interested in a senior finance job. Ms. Pryor, who specializes in media, entertainment and technology, says she wasn't listed on her firm's Web site. He likely called her firm's main number and asked for her, she says. Ms. Pryor happened to have an opening for a controller at a publishing company in his area. After reviewing his résumé, she lined him up with an interview, and he got the job, she says.

News stories announcing executive changes can be another source of recruiter leads. They often mention the search firm a company has hired to find a replacement.

Check trade or industry groups for referrals. Many recruiters belong to an association in their specialty, says Rachel Schwartz, public-relations and communications practice leader in Westport, Connecticut, for RRD Partners Inc., a New York-based executive-recruiting firm. These groups may include a roster of members on their Web sites. If you join, you'll likely have opportunities to network with recruiter members, she says.

Earlier this year, Ms. Schwartz says, a job seeker found her name on the Web site for the Publicity Club of New York, a group for public-relations professionals. Ms. Schwartz was on its board at the time. She says the job seeker may have tracked her down by going to RRD's Web site, which lists her contact information. She says she's looking into opportunities for her.

Call top employers in your industry. Dial the main number and request to be transferred to the human-resources department, says Ms. Lewis. Then ask the HR employee who answers which search firm the company uses. "Most of them will be very free with that information," she says.

But Mindy Gikas, managing director of human resources at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide in New York, says this tactic is probably "a shot in the dark." She would give out the information only if the company was working with a recruiting firm on a search at the time, she says. "It's a timing thing."

Write to Sarah E. Needleman at sarah.needleman@wsj.com


VACO Lands at 33 on INC 5000 list

VACO Lands at 33 on INC 5000 list

Vaco: Free Yourself from a Master

INC Magazine just named Vaco the 33rd fastest-growing company in America. The five-year-old company grew by 2,800 percent through 2006, with 2006 revenues of $68M. Through serving clients in the finance and accounting, technology and administrative fields, Vaco has become the fastest growing privately-held consulting and executive placement firm in the country. Entrepreneurialism is so integral to the company’s success that it is embodied in the name itself, Vaco, which means to “to free oneself from a Master” in Latin.

Vaco was designed to attract and retain the best team in the industry – a blend of accomplished professionals with industry experience and high potential players with the capacity for greatness. Through an autonomous environment, equity opportunities, enthusiastic culture and zealous pursuit of only the strongest players the firm is accomplishing just that. In an industry where turnover can exceed 60%, theirs is less than 5% since inception. The company has also grown from one office in 2002 to 17 in August of 2007.
Founder Jerry Bostelman credits the leadership of each office as the key to the organization’s success. “Each office is it’s own LLC and led by a team of entrepreneurs encouraged to creatively run their business. Through truly adopting the spirit of Vaco, free yourself from a master, everyone has the opportunity to drive and enjoy the success, not just those tasked with managing operations.”

The promise of freedom to own and run a business is a powerful tool for someone who has the enthusiasm and earnest desire to create something great. “Speaking for myself, coming to Vaco meant a flexible schedule driven by a chance to enhance my pay, earn equity and embrace the challenge of creating something new,” Frances Moreno, partner, Los Angeles says. “I’m a competitor. When you couple this sense of shared competition with the promise of freedom, and you add to the mix of like-people who share the same goals and genuinely enjoy what they do, success is just a matter of time and effort.”

Denise Bennett-Walls, a partner in Orlando, details her decision to join Vaco as a journey with individuals she enjoys. “As Jack Welch says, ‘…you’ve got to be out there on the lunatic fringe.’ With this as my guiding light, I knew I would work with a sharp team armed with a killer mission and uncompromised value system. I just didn’t know who they were, or what that business would be. I was sitting in a conference room with other Vaco partners and I knew these were the people I had in mind…humble, driven, fun, unique, well-rounded people. They just see a promise of freedom as their lunatic fringe.”

Bostelman is pleased with the recognition, but is more concerned with keeping the ship sailing. “It’s an honor to be recognized. We proudly took a minute to bask in the glow and then went back to the game. Awards are the scoreboard. We keep our focus on the field where our clients need us to provide key players and project solutions. Where our consultants and candidates are searching for the next step in their career or the next challenging engagement. We are just getting started. I know there are many stifled entrepreneurs wasting away in bureaucratic organizations who would thrive in the Vaco environment. If they want the freedom to pursue success and have the skills to back it up, we have the opportunity.”

VACO Raleigh Names Dan Davies Director of Senior Executive Search

VACO Raleigh Names Dan Davies Director of Senior Executive Search

Raleigh, N.C. – VACO Raleigh, LLC, a national consulting and executive placement firm, has announced Dan Davies as managing director of its Senior Executive Search practice. Davies, who recently retired as publisher of Business Leader magazine, will head the firm’s new practice that will focus exclusively on placing executives in senior leadership positions throughout the Triangle.

“Dan will be an incredible asset to our new executive search practice,” said Managing Partner of VACO Raleigh, David Rhode. “His personal success and professional connections in the Triangle business community will provide our executive clients with the best network possible.”

Davies moved to the Triangle and founded Business Leader magazine in 1989 following many years of management experience with well-known companies such as Gillette and Six Flags. As publisher, Davies went on to establish the magazine as the region’s top source for local technology and business news. He also pioneered and hosted the highly successful monthly Business Leaders breakfast in Raleigh and Breakfast in the Park in RTP. Davies was recently inducted to the Triangle Business Leader Hall of Fame, for his commitment and dedication to the community.

“Retirement isn’t really a word in my vocabulary,” said Davies. “Over the last 28 years, I have had the opportunity of witnessing first hand the growth and development of the Triangle business community. I look forward to working with these progressive companies and helping each find key executives that will add a tremendous value to their organization.”

Davies will be supported and assisted by Bob Reuss, Vice President of Business Development at VACO Raleigh, who himself has more than ten years of high level management experience in the Triangle business community.

About VACO Raleigh, LLC:
VACO is a national boutique company, which is a premier provider of contract, special project and direct hire services in the fields of accounting and finance, information technology and operations. VACO’s mission is to foster an environment built around integrity and teamwork to create a partnership between their employees, candidates and clients. Founded in Nashville, TN in 2002, VACO has grown to 17 offices nation-wide with over $100 million in revenues. Just recently, VACO was named the 33rd fastest-growing private company in the country by Inc. magazine and 5th fastest growing company in the Triangle by Triangle Business Journal. VACO Raleigh, located at 4000 Westchase Blvd, Suite 250, is led by partners Dave Rhode, Sid Mitchener and Crystal Hughes. To find out more about VACO Raleigh call 919.719.6500 or visit www.vaco.com


Recruiter Coleman Lew Continues to Expand Its Partnership Ranks

Recruiter Coleman Lew Continues to Expand Its Partnership Ranks

McCandless Selected as 10th Partner For The Executive Search Firm

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kenneth D. Carrick, Jr., managing partner of Coleman Lew & Associates, Inc., a national executive search firm, announced the further expansion of its partnership ranks with the selection of Jean B. McCandless as the firms newest partner.

Coleman Lew now has a total of 10 partners, four of whom were selected since January 2007. According to Carrick, Jeanies expertise in research and industry sourcing has been a great asset for our growing firm. As partner, her leadership and experience will be an even greater resource for the benefit of our clients and staff.

A graduate from Meredith College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, McCandless earned an MBA from Wake Forest University. She began her career as a manager in commercial lending with First Union National Bank and later worked as an account executive for Southern Bell before joining Coleman Lew in 1995. McCandless and her husband reside in Charlotte and have two grown children.

Coleman Lew & Associates, Inc., founded in 1979 and headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., is a national retained executive search firm that recruits board members, officers, and senior level executives for national and international companies, academic institutions and non-profit organizations. The firm also provides customized leadership development services to organizations seeking to maximize corporate performance. Member, Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC). For more information, visit www.colemanlew.com.


Coleman Lew & Associates, Inc.
Kenneth D. Carrick, Jr., Managing Partner
Fax: 704-377-0424
Email: kencarrick@colemanlew.com
Website: www.colemanlew.com

Constellation Energy Partners names new chief executive

Constellation Energy Partners names new chief executive
Baltimore Business Journal - by Ryan Sharrow Staff

Constellation Energy Partners LLC has appointed Stephen R. Brunner president and CEO.

Brunner, 49, will replace Felix J. Dawson, who served as the company's first CEO since going public a year ago. Brunner, formerly chief operating officer, assumed the new position Friday. Dawson will remain chairman of the board of managers.

Constellation Energy Partners (NYSE: CEP), a subsidiary of Baltimore's Constellation Energy Group Inc. (NYSE: CEG), acquires and develops oil and natural gas properties.

In other management changes, the company named Charles C. Ward, currently vice president of Constellation Energy Commodities Group Inc., to chief financial officer. He replaces Angela A. Minas, who resigned from her role as CFO, chief accounting officer and treasurer. Michael B. Hiney, formerly controller, was named chief accounting officer.

"We anticipate a seamless management transition as all of these individuals have been highly involved in CEP's business," Dawson said in a news release. Prior to joining Constellation, CEO Brunner previously served as executive vice president of operations for Houston, Texas-based mining firm Pogo Producing Co.
Baltimore Business Journal

Broadpoint Securities Names New CFO

Broadpoint Securities Names New CFO

Broadpoint Securities Names Robert Turner As Finance Chief Effective March 31

Investment bank Broadpoint Securities Group Inc. said Friday it has hired Robert I. Turner as chief financial officer effective March 31.

Turner will also serve as finance chief of subsidiary Broadpoint Capital Inc. Current Chief Financial Officer Brian Coad will leave the company on March 31.

Turner previously worked as finance chief, executive vice president and treasurer of Knight Capital Group and a vice president at PaineWebber Inc. He became a certified public accountant while working at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Exit Interviews Can Help Identify Reasons for Company Attrition

Exit Interviews Can Help Identify Reasons for Company Attrition

Executive recruiter gives tips on how to get best results from exit interviews to help spot company attrition trends and potential areas in need of improvement.

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) March 14, 2008 -- Executive recruiter gives tips on how to get best results from exit interviews to help spot company attrition trends and potential areas in need of improvement.

"Conducting exit interviews in the right manner can be an invaluable management tool for companies," says Ann E. Zaslow-Rethaber of International Search Consultants (ISC), a leading executive search firm that specializes in the sales and marketing industry on a nationwide as well as international basis. "By finding out the "real" reasons why employees leave can be helpful in identifying trends in a specific area of the company or improvements that need to be made to current practices or policies. Zaslow-Rethaber gives the following tips to receive the best results from your exit interviews:

  • Choose the right timing -- While it might seem natural to conduct the exit interview right before or immediately after an employee's departure, studies show that the most valuable information can be collected after an employee has distanced himself from his or her former position. Conducting a telephone interview one to two months later gives the employee enough time to reflect on the experience and perhaps discuss the problems they were having at the company more easily and with less emotion.

  • Use a neutral party -- a Human Resources representative is the best person to conduct the exit interview or better yet, outsource to a third party. An outsourcing vendor will usually receive a better response rate and will be perceived as more objective than a company representative. Also, by using a neutral party, an employee will feel less inclined to hold back in fear of the information getting back to their former management or coworkers.

  • Keep questions specific and information anonymous -- for best results, ask a standard set of questions for each interview and sort them by specific areas that can be measured later such as leadership, company processes, pay, benefits, etc. Also, make sure employees understand that their information is anonymous and will be used only to identify attrition trends and provide suggestions on how the company can improve current practices and policies.

  • Don't ask personal questions -- an exit interview is not the place to gather information on specific individuals or to hear about employee grievances. Focus only on systems and general company practices that can be improved upon.

  • Combine a questionnaire with interview for best results -- since former employees may not always be candid by phone or in person, it is best to also send the employee a mail-in anonymous survey that can capture additional information not covered in the exit interview. A small incentive is another way to ensure higher participation of both the questionnaire and exit interview.

For more tips on conducting exit interviews, please check out ISC's website at www.iscjobs.com. ISC specializes in helping large companies fill nationwide staffing needs in a short amount of time by BLITZING a market on behalf of a client. To find out more about ISC and the five-star service they deliver, please call them at (888) 866-7276.

Norman Broadbent has appointed Simon Hall as a Consultant in its Financial Services Practice

Norman Broadbent has appointed Simon Hall as a Consultant in its Financial Services Practice. He will specialise in Finance & Operations assignments.

Paul Cook, Head of Norman Broadbent’s Financial Services Practice, stated “Simon’s appointment bolsters an already strong team and extends the breadth of experience we bring to both our clients and assignments”.
Prior to Norman Broadbent, Simon spent five years with a competitor firm focussing on Finance & Operations assignments across the City. Prior to this he spent just under three years with a competitor as a Research Executive. His earlier career included two years in Derivatives Middle Office working with leading US Investment Banks.

Simon’s recent track record of executive search assignments includes: Finance Director, Group Financial Controller, European Financial Controller, Director Financial Planning & Operational Risk, Tax Director, Deputy Head of Product Control, Head of Operations, Deputy Head of Operations and Regional Head of Operations.

Simon has a BSc Hons Degree in Business Information Systems.

Simon Hall
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7246 8222
Email: simon.hall@normanbroadbent.com

Norman Broadbent

The Stevenson Group Places Exec At Novartis

The Stevenson Group Places Exec At Novartis

The Stevenson Group, a pharmaceutical and healthcare specialist executive search firm, has placed Benjamin Kramer, MD, as vice president, global brand medical director - respiratory at the North American headquarters of Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Kramer previously worked for Pfizer where he received promotions from medical director to senior medical director, group leader, and finally vice president. Novartis is a world leader in the research and development of products to protect and improve health and well-being. The Stevenson Group, located in Fort Lee, NJ and St. Prex, Switzerland, are industry specialists in the healthcare and life sciences markets.

Hunt-Scanlon Corporation

London Business School

London Business School

Your company's gateway to global market success

Most companies today recognise that people are their most important asset. That is why talent management has now emerged as the number one issue facing CEOs around the world.

With emerging markets being selected as prime areas for critical growth, companies such as yours need to understand how to recruit and develop the best people, how to deploy them, and how to engage them strategically - if true competitive advantage is going to be achieved.

Benchmark your talent against local, national and international peers.
We would like to invite you to take part in London Business School's Strategic Talent Management Research Survey. By completing the research questionnaire, you will receive a personalised report, providing a realistic view of your talent capabilities and challenges, so that you can compare your current position against companies in your region, in your market and across the globe.
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Join us at the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow on 9 April 2008

You are also invited to attend a free invitation-only event for senior HR professionals in Russia. Taking place at the Hotel Baltschug Kempinski Moscow on 9 April 2008 from 11.30, you will receive insights from keynote speakers on the survey results and have the opportunity to network with your peers over lunch.
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London Business School's Executive Education portfolio provides comprehensive insights into global business best practice and thinking, with a range of one to four week intensive programmes spanning General Management, Strategy, Leadership, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. We can also create customised programmes to address the unique challenges facing your business.
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CTPartners Names Adam J. Prager As Global Head Of Professional Services Practice

CTPartners Names Adam J. Prager As Global Head Of Professional Services Practice


Performance-based executive search firm CTPartners announced today the promotion of Adam J. Prager to Global Head of the firm's Professional Services Practice. Mr.Prager joined CTPartners in 1997 as an Associate and was promoted to Partner in 2004.

The Professional Services Practice at CTPartners is one of the largest in the industry and has consistently grown and produced stellar placement results year over year. Prager works with multinational services firms, private equity firms and their portfolio companies, specializing in professional services spanning consulting, advisory, outsourcing, business services and information services. His recent achievements include the role of account manager in helping secure a double-digit number of placements in one year for a global, Fortune 10 client, and more than a dozen search assignments for the advisory arm of a Big 4 firm.

CTPartners' Chairman & CEO Brian Sullivan said, 'Adam has been a key figure in the development and success of our Professional Services Practice as we continue to expand worldwide. His experience and understanding of the increasing role professional services play in global business strategy makes him an important resource for our clients. He is also a leader inside the firm, partnering across practices and building our intellectual capital.'

Mr. Prager is a graduate of New York University.


CTPartners is the performance-driven executive search firm serving clients across the globe. Committed to a philosophy of true partnership with clients, the firm offers a proven record in C-Suite, top executive, and board searches, as well as private equity and venture capital services.

With origins dating back to 1980, CTPartners serves clients with a global organization of more than 350 professionals, offering unparalleled expertise in technology, media and telecom, financial services, life sciences, professional services, retail, and manufacturing.

CTPartners' focus is simple: Place the right executive in the chair. Proof positive of CTPartners' ability to get the job done is its 81% placement rate in 2007. With searches typically taking about 124 days to complete, 90% of placements were completed on average in 102 days. Furthermore, independent post-placement research reveals an industry-high stick rate of 92% for 2007. These statistics are believed to be the best in the executive search industry.

Methodologies used include state-of-the-art technology, such as ClientNet', a password-protected extranet service that renders a search transparent and facilitates client communications. Other tools include Candidate Central', which shortens the recruitment cycle by efficiently engaging candidates; Placement +90'; and 40-day Audit' processes.

Headquartered in New York, CTPartners has offices in Bogotб, Boston, Caracas, Chicago, Cleveland, Columbia, Geneva, Hong Kong, Jerusalem, Lima, London, Miami, Paris, Redwood City, Shanghai, Singapore, and Washington, DC.


search-consult News Headlines:

search-consult News Headlines:

AESC State Of Industry Year-End Report Demonstrates Continued Worldwide Demand For Executive Talent

Heidrick & Struggles Reports 29% Revenue Rise In 2007

Bao & Partners / Signium International Reports 33% Revenue Increase In 2007

InterSearch Worldwide: EMEA Business Development Meeting & Belgian HR Awards

Intrinsic Executive Search Opens New Frankfurt Office In Germany

DHR International Opens Paris Office

TowerHunter Executive Search Forges Exclusive Alliance With Europe’s Herbold Fischer Associates

Huxley Associates Moves Into Asia With Opening Of Hong Kong Office

Dillistone Systems Surpasses Stock Market Expectations & Launches New Generation Of “FFMobile”

Courland Automotive Practice Appoints Partner In London Office

DHR International Promotes Neil Smith To Managing Director Of New London Office

Pedersen & Partners Appoints New Country Manager For Czech Republic

Courland Automotive Practice Appoints Chief Operations Officer

DHR International Appoints Dr. Chris Goward As Head of European Life Sciences

Accenture Survey Lists Top Threats Executives Perceive To Companies’ Success

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