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therecruitmentexchange.com ‘New kid on the Blog’ or much more?


therecruitmentexchange.com ‘New kid on the Blog’ or much more?

Date: 19/01/08
“www.therecruitmentexchange.com (t-ReX) is a new ‘Unlimited Free Job Posting’ online recruitment portal aiming to be a leading Web 2.0 job site, a combination of job-board and social networking site with blog networks, profiles, forums and a unique Pay Per Click and Pay Per Action directory.

Affiliate bloggers can show their own PPC and PPA prices and advertise them to clients and clients can select their own affiliates from the directory based on price or unique hits per day etc.
The site has just moved onto a live server and is ready to accept Free job postings now, directly or through Broadbean/Conkers.
There are a number of early bird offers such as Free Micro-site builds and hosting. Companies and individuals are invited to contact the recruitment exchange about running one of the Official t-ReX sector blogs.
“ There will be one Official sector blog per sector and each will regularly feature on our homepage offering excellent free PR proving that you or your company is an expert in your field (companies/individuals interested in taking ownership of an official t-ReX sector blog should contact info@therecruitmentexchange.com) the only thing we ask is that Official t-ReX blogs make a couple of informative and current posts per week” said t-ReXs CEO.

Jobseekers blogs

Jobseekers can create a professional blog/s on site and can choose to link it to their main CV making it Boolean searchable. The blog can hold all their other CV variations, testimonials, be topical or even a portfolio where a pictorial presentation is important like web design or construction/civil eng. Jobseekers can also build a personal blog and use the forum to communicate with other based on personal interests.

All blogs/profiles can link out to existing profiles so employers only have to visit the Recruitment Exchange to see the candidates/companies whole online presence. Also you can link/join to other members and create communities based on similar interests. Recruitment Exchange is the strongest combination yet between a social networking and job-board site.

Company blogs and micro-sites

Consultancies and Employers can create professional blogs and micro-sites on site. The Micro-site can advertise the corporate line to jobseekers but the blog can show the human side of what it’s really like to work there?

Recruitment Exchanges Affiliate Directory (t-ReX AD). Similar to Google Adsense but you can decide who advertises your vacancies.

  • The advantage of the t-ReX Affiliate Directory is that Consultancies and Employers can actually select which affiliate sites they want their vacancies posted on completely unlike a Google Adsense where you have no idea who is advertising your company. However if you don’t mind who is showing your vacancy you can choose to ‘allow all’ so our standard fee affiliates know they can show your vacancies or you can choose a combination of the two options.
  • When you place a role on RE by utilizing our PPC and PPA models possibly hundreds of websites and blogs can RSS feed your vacancies onto their site to advertise them to their niche audiences. You pre-select a PPA/PPC limit you wish to pay for referrals and that is all you pay and theoretically it’s free, no referrals no fee!
  • Would-be referral sites can register as affiliates and find relevant vacancies to their site by setting up RSS fed searches of sector specific vacancies offering PPC or PPA fees. So a site with a Civil Engineering audience could RSS feed participating Civil Engineering vacancies onto their site and will be paid a small fee for every candidate who clicks through to look at that vacancy or leaves contact information. With RE, advertisers pay a fraction of the hundreds of £’s normally paid for referrals.

http://www.therecruitmentexchange.com/ is welcoming approaches from other countries interested in having a license or franchise for their own national site e.g. Recruitment Exchange –Australia, only one license or franchise is granted per country and they are already in discussions with interested parties in China and India

Some other t-ReX functionality:

Calendar where candidates can show what times and dates they are available, particularly useful for temps.
  • Forum- discuss sector topics and ask advice
  • Much more visit us at http://www.therecruitmentexchange.com/ we are only as good as you make us!

    CONTACT: Craig Johnson, The Recruitment Exchange
    Telephone: 07876028419
    E-mail Address: craig@therecruitmentexchange.com,
    Website address: http://www.therecruitmentexchange.com/

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