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Taming Twitter: Did They Really Just Say That?

Taming Twitter: Did They Really Just Say That?
As recent incidents have shown, on Twitter anything goes. But forward-thinking companies are mitigating risks of using the booming social network by designating Twitter reps and updating electronic communication guidelines.

Perhaps by now you’ve heard of the PR guy whose snarky comments about Memphis, Tennessee, to his Twitter followers landed him in hot water with the Memphis-based client he was about to visit, a little company named FedEx.

Or the congressman whose Twitter posts during a secret trip to Iraq had military officials worried he had compromised the mission’s security.

And then there’s the very public and very profane exchange between a Canadian journalist and a product-marketing executive.

As those instances show, organizations are using Twitter for almost anything and everything, often with unintended or even disastrous consequences. The social networking service, which lets people post messages 140 characters at a time to a circle of online friends, has grown so big so fast that it has outpaced companies’ efforts to create user guidelines—or in some cases understand what it is and how it works.

If this sounds familiar, it should.

Companies have covered this ground before, first with e-mail, then the Web and more recently with social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In each case, advances in electronic communications forced organizations to decide what employees could or couldn’t do and revise corporate conduct guidelines or acceptable use policies accordingly.

Although it’s still small compared with social networks like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter is catching on fast. The 2-year-old service grew 900 percent in 2008 to approximately 6 million users, according to company officials and Internet industry analysts.

Given the avalanche of things HR departments are dealing with right now—a recession-induced talent upheaval and a new U.S. president intent on revising workplace rules and regulations—they’re not investing lots of energy worrying about Twitter, says Jason Averbook, CEO at Knowledge Infusion, the Minneapolis HR management consulting firm.

"They’re slammed to the gills just trying to survive, and writing a guide to social media isn’t on top of their to-do list," he says.

Maybe it should be.

Because of how it works, Twitter can spread information exponentially faster than e-mail or blog posts.

Think of Twitter as a giant chat room, but instead of person-to-person conversations, with a mouse click one person can instantly beam a message to however many Twitter users have signed up to "follow" them, whether that’s 20, 200, 2,000 or more. Any of those people can rebroadcast, or "retweet" the original message to their own network and so on and so on.

Its viral nature makes Twitter powerful but also dangerous, says Michael Krigsman, CEO at Asuret Inc., a Boston IT consultant, and author of the IT Project Failures blog.

"If a company does well, the positive effect can happen more rapidly than e-mail," Krigsman says. "If a company doesn’t do something or isn’t responding to customers, the possibility of negative spiral is far greater too."

Some companies have responded by blocking employees’ access to Twitter with the same software they use to block gambling, pornography or other sites they’ve determined could hamper productivity or be perceived as harassment.

But social networking experts agree that blocking Twitter will backfire.

"It’s a hopeless battle," says Steve Boese, an adjunct professor at New York’s Rochester Institute of Technology who teaches an HR IT course in the school’s HR master’s degree program. "You can issue blocks but you’ll be blocking more and more. It’s a game, and eventually you’ll give up."

Besides, social media and HR experts say, there’s nothing stopping an employee from using Twitter to talk about work from their home computer or personal iPhone.

Some companies have taken the offensive and tapped designated employees to act as their official eyes and ears on the network.

Comcast, for example, has at least a half-dozen customer service and public relations representatives on Twitter fielding customers’ questions and complaints about the company’s telephone, cable TV and Internet service. UPS, Bank of America, Wachovia, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and Zappos, the online retailer, all have official corporate accounts on the network for customer service, marketing or both.

At Yahoo, 25 to 30 employees act as the Silicon Valley tech giant’s official Twitter representatives. Many are product or community managers who get paid to spread information about new Yahoo products and services.

In early February, Nicki Dugan, a Yahoo corporate communications senior director, became the official corporate voice of Yahoo on Twitter.

But even tech-savvy companies like Yahoo haven’t sorted everything out.

Although Yahoo employees have used Twitter in an official capacity for at least a year, the company has yet to revise 4-year-old employee electronic communications guidelines to include the new service.

The only update has been a wiki Yahoo engineers created in 2008 to share advice on handling complaints customers post on Twitter.

It’s definitely time for more, Dugan says.

Although Yahoo hasn’t encountered problems, company officials are discussing creating a separate wiki to spell out Twitter best practices, and are also talking about ways to use Twitter for customer service, she says, adding: "We need to formalize it."

Having an electronic communications policy or employee-conduct guidelines that cover Twitter won’t mean much if employees don’t know they exist, according to HR and social media experts.

Guidelines should be spelled out during new employee orientation. They should also be available in handbooks and online in multiple locations, such as on an internal company blog or on its HR employee portal.

Most important, make sure employees realize Twitter is a public forum, says Krigsman, the IT failures expert.

Employees may think they’re posting about minor company events, but you had better believe that competitors are out there, hanging on their every word. Says Krigsman: "Twitter is a competitive-intelligence dream tool."

By Michelle V. Rafter
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Workforce Management Online, March 2009

RECRUITMENT MATTERS training course: Successful Head-Hunting

RECRUITMENT MATTERS training course: Successful

Why Head-Hunt?

It's a fact that fewer and fewer individuals of real
quality search for a new job when there is economic uncertainty. 'Better
the devil you know' mentality kicks in. However there are still many
excellent secure roles available. Head-hunting allows you to introduce,
present and discuss those options with key individuals who are not
actively on the market. Being able to head-hunt allows you to handle
those vacancies that you would otherwise find impossible.

It really does ensure that the candidates you put
forward to your clients are the best available. Head-hunted candidates
are highly unlikely to be presented to your client by your competitors
even when sharing a contingent assignment. Head-hunting is as applicable
for junior positions as it is for senior ones. Head-hunting can help you
get full fee assignments on a retained basis too.

Who should attend?

This busy one day participative course is suitable
for consultants (with a good understanding of recruitment) wishing to
add head-hunting to their skill set or for experienced search
consultants who want to formalise their knowledge. As well as the live
information covered, a 60-page workbook/manual and 1 hr audio CD
'Handling Head-Hunted Candidate Objections & Reactions' will be
presented to each delegate to take back to the office.

Subject matter on the day to include:

What are the benefits of
- Be able to explain to potential clients and
candidates just why head-hunting may be the solution to their situation
that will help you turn 'potentials' into 'actuals.'
Head-Hunting methodology; managing the
process; ethics
- Learn how to manage an assignment in a
professional logical manner ensuring continuity and consistency of
results and enhance your own reputation along the way.
Name gathering - including market mapping;
the internet
- Being able to identify and target an effective
list of potential contacts will ensure the success of the assignment.
Doing it in a timely way is vital.
How to get through - When armed with
your contact list, the next potential obstacle is the receptionist,
secretary or PA. But what if you can't get through to the one person
ideal for the role? Learn how to get through time and time again, no
matter the situation.

Rapport, commitment & control -
Those first few opening moments over the phone are crucial if
you are to extend your 'air time' into a meaningful two way fact finding
conversation. Although you cannot control people, you can control
process and gaining the candidate's commitment is the key. Learn the
tried and tested ways to do just that.
The head-hunt call & subsequent
- Knowing what you are going to say is half the
battle. Knowing how and when to say it is the other half. Few recruiters
without formal head-hunt training really know just how to do that. Learn
the methodology and psychology behind a truly effective opening to a
prospective candidate and how to link information gathered from the
candidate previously into each subsequent stage of the
consultant/candidate relationship.
Overcoming objections and reactions
- Practice really does make perfect. "Where did you get my
name?", "I'm happy where I am", "Who's your
client?" and a dozen others come up time and time again. Being able
to overcome these responses to the candidate's satisfaction is the key
to starting a long lasting business relationship. This session will give
you the tools to do that.

Overview of the client pitch and fee
- While the focus of the day is geared towards
uncovering ideal candidates for key roles, this session will give you a
strong understanding of how to win a client pitch at a fee rate that is
appropriate for the work involved.
The resignation - More and more
candidates than ever before are being tempted by counter offers from
their existing employer. Learn the steps involved throughout the process
that will minimise that risk.
The Trainer:

Warren Kemp is one of the most sought after
specialist trainers and management consultants around today. He has been
training individuals and organisations in the art of head-hunting for
some 10 years. His clients span small independent start-ups to some of
the major names in the recruitment industry and to date have come from
23 different countries worldwide. As well as his training and
consultancy services, Warren is one of the leading audio presenters and
authors on recruitment matters including Europe's best selling audio
product on head-hunting - 'How To Head-Hunt Anyone You Want To'.

Investment £299+VAT

'Bring A Friend' £199+VAT

RMPP subscribers £99.99+VAT - UK venues

Includes free CD set worth £99 'Handling Head-Hunted
Candidate Objections & Reactions'

Prague, Brussels: €395; 'Bring A
Friend' €295. Includes free CD set as above

To download a booking form, please click here.
See below for our Apr - June 2009 training schedule.
Don't forget that we offer in-house versions of all
our courses and can tailor to your specific requirements. If this is of
potential interest, please contact Ken ken@recruitmentmatters.com
or call 0044 1945 461561 to discuss this option further.

RECRUITMENT MATTERS: April - June 2009 Open
Training Schedule


Apr 8th - London

Apr 17th - Bristol

Apr 22nd - Birmingham

May 6th - Leeds

May 13th - London

May 18th - Prague

Jun 5th - Brussels

Jun 10th - London

Jun 17th - Manchester

Jun 24th - Birmingham
Investment £299+VAT

'Bring A Friend' £199+VAT

RMPP subscribers £99.99+VAT - UK venues

Includes free CD set worth £99 'Handling Head-Hunted
Candidate Objections & Reactions'

Prague, Brussels: €395; 'Bring A
Friend' €295. Includes free CD set as above




Apr 24th - Birmingham

Apr 28th - Brussels

Apr 30th - London

May 15th - Manchester

Jun 12th - London
Investment - £49.99+VAT!

Brussels only €49



'Induction for new recruits'

Apr 20/21st - Manchester

May 19/20th - London

Jun 8/9th - Birmingham
Investment £495+VAT

'Bring A Friend' £425+VAT



Apr 7th - London

May 12th - Birmingham

Jun 3rd - Manchester
Investment £299+VAT

'Bring A Friend' £199+VAT

RMPP subscribers £99.99+VAT



'Telephone Skills For Recruiters'

Apr 2nd - Birmingham

Apr 27th - Brussels

Apr 29th - London

May 8th - Manchester

May 28th - Bristol

Jun 16th - London

Jun 22nd - Amsterdam

Jun 23rd - Leeds

Investment £299+VAT

'Bring A Friend' £199+VAT

RMPP subscribers £99.99+VAT - UK venues

'Includes free CD worth £99 'Handling Client
Objections and Reactions''

Brussels, Amsterdam: €395; 'Bring A
Friend' €295. Includes free CD set as above



Apr 16th - London

May 14th - Birmingham

Jun 11th - Manchester
Investment £299+VAT.

'Bring A Friend' £199+VAT

RMPP subscribers £99.99+VAT



'Managing Teams and Motivating People'

Apr 23rd - Manchester

May 7th - London

May 21st - Birmingham
Investment £299+VAT

'Bring A Friend' £199+VAT

RMPP subscribers £99.99+VAT


For more information on these courses and our other services and
products, visit http://www.recruitmentmatters.com/,
email info@recruitmentmatters.com
or call Emma or Ken on 0800 0749289 or, if you're overseas, 0044 1483

Елена Исинбаева (Фото)

Korn/Ferry Announces Expanded Leadership Roles for Linda Hyman and Robert McNabb

Korn/Ferry Announces Expanded Leadership Roles for Linda Hyman and Robert McNabb

LOS ANGELES, March 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Korn/Ferry International (NYSE: KFY), a premier global provider of talent management solutions, today announced that two long-tenured executives have accepted expanded leadership roles within the firm.

Linda Hyman will assume the position of Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources for Korn/Ferry. Since joining the firm in 1997, Ms. Hyman has served in a number of capacities, including Senior Client Partner and most recently as Head of the firm's Global Client Strategy Team and a member of the Global Operating Committee. In her new role, she and her team will drive Korn/Ferry's talent management initiatives to further evolve the firm's capabilities and employer brand worldwide. Prior to joining Korn/Ferry, Ms. Hyman spent 20 years leading HR in various organizations such as Corning Clinical Laboratories (now Quest) and Squibb Corporation.

Robert (Bob) McNabb, CEO of Futurestep, a Korn/Ferry company, and executive vice president of Korn/Ferry, will assume the additional role of leading a new firmwide initiative - the Office of the Chief Executive, Premier Client Partnerships. In this newly-created position, Mr. McNabb will be responsible for further institutionalizing Korn/Ferry's go-to-market strategy and business development initiatives. His focus will be on proactively designing and executing global and regional client account initiatives, enhancing Korn/Ferry's market positioning and unlocking new areas for cross introductions and integrated revenue growth. Mr. McNabb joined Korn/Ferry in 2001 from Corestaff Services, where he was President and Chief Executive Officer.

"The power of our brand and the value of our diversified portfolio of solutions uniquely position Korn/Ferry to capture the market," said Korn/Ferry Chief Executive Officer Gary D. Burnison. "With the introduction of the Office of the Chief Executive, Premier Client Partnerships and the appointments of Linda and Bob to these new roles, I am convinced that we will strengthen our position with our clients worldwide, outperform our competitors and continue to transform our firm into a consultative, solutions-based business."

About Korn/Ferry International

Korn/Ferry International, with more than 90 offices in 40 countries, is a premier global provider of talent management solutions. Based in Los Angeles, the firm delivers an array of solutions that help clients to identify, deploy, develop, retain and reward their talent. For more information on the Korn/Ferry International family of companies, visit www.kornferry.com.


Gabriel & James acquires remaining stake in iTRAC Partners

Gabriel & James

International executive search, talent management and human capital specialist Gabriel & James today announced that it has completed the acquisition of the remaining 50% shareholding of iTRAC Partners from Column Associates.

A spokesperson for Gabriel & James said: “We have been increasing the breadth of our Talent and Human Capital expertise to help organisations tie traditional HR functions to overall corporate goals and emerge stronger from the downturn. The acquisition of the remaining shares in iTRAC with its Human Capital research, data analytics and metrics helps to take our consulting capacity to the next level.”

iTRAC Partners was formed as a joint venture between Gabriel & James and Column Associates to combine the research and thought leadership functions of the two firms. It also manages commercial partnerships with specialists in workforce management, payroll, employee benefits, ATS/TMS software and background screening providers.

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact Gabriel & James by email at: media@gabrielandjames.com

Or visit the Gabriel & James website at: http://www.gabrielandjames.com/

Networking is Cornerstone of executive search

Networking is Cornerstone of executive search

UK-based executive search consultancy Barnes Kavelle has used a global search network to recruit executives for one of its clients.

UK renewable energy specialist Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon approached Barnes Kavelle to fill two positions overseas.

Through its links with independent search network Cornerstone International Group, an associate in Winnipeg, Canada placed a technical commercial manager for Gilkes and another in Houston, US found a sales manager for Gilkes’ Texas facility.

Cornerstone’s network stretches worldwide, including six bases in China. Independent consultants and owner-managed businesses make up the network, which are recommended and pre-screened before being accepted into Cornerstone.

Ian Day, director of Barnes Kavelle, told Recruiter: “We rely on our reputation over 20 years for the majority of our assignments, but the global Cornerstone network means that we don’t necessarily have to have a base in a particular country.

“And through Cornerstone members in the US, we are currently finding a European managing director for a specialist company in oil refinery technology and an operations director for a Chicago company’s City of London base.”

Day will shortly be taking on the chief marketing officer role for Cornerstone and says the network is interested in finding professional search and select associates for Russia and Italy.



Research and Markets: Recruitment Agencies Market Report 2009: UK Permanent Recruitment Market Worth £4.28bn in Year Ending March 2008

Research and Markets: Recruitment Agencies Market Report 2009: UK Permanent Recruitment Market Worth £4.28bn in Year Ending March 2008

DUBLIN, Ireland - (Business Wire) Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Recruitment Agencies (Permanent) Market Report 2009" report to their offering.

This Market Report examines the UK permanent recruitment market, including companies that engage in both general and executive permanent appointments. The report comes at a particularly difficult time for the recruitment industry as, in response to the economic downturn that began in the last quarter of 2007, many companies have made staff cutbacks and frozen their recruitment plans. In November 2008, the online jobsite Monster.co.uk reported that employers were forecasting a bleak outlook for the first quarter of 2009, claiming it would be the weakest January to March period in terms of staff hiring for 15 years (since the end of the last recession in the early 1990s).

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), the UK permanent recruitment market was worth £4.28bn in the year ending March 2008, and the number of permanent placements stood at nearly 727,000. The market was very strong in 2007, but began to falter after February 2008 as the outlook for the economy became increasingly uncertain. In the last quarter of 2008, the market contracted each month, and the drop in staffing needs had a negative impact on almost every sector of the economy, with financial services, construction, property, retailing and secretarial/administrative jobs being the worst-affected industries.

The major firms operating in the permanent recruitment market include: Adecco UK Ltd; Alexander Mann Group Ltd; Hudson Global Resources Ltd; Impellam Group PLC; Matchtech Group PLC; Michael Page International PLC; Modis International Ltd; Morson Group PLC; NES Group Ltd; Robert Walters PLC; Rullion Ltd; Spring Group PLC; and SThree PLC.

One positive message for the recruitment industry can be drawn from the results of a 2008 survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), which revealed that a higher percentage of employers were using recruitment firms than was the case in its 2007 survey. The use of executive search firms had also increased, according to the survey.

We forecast that the value of the UK permanent recruitment market will fall by 7% in 2009, but will begin to recover in 2010 and 2011. Returning the economy to full prosperity will take time after the recession comes to an end, and meanwhile the recruitment industry is likely to undergo a period of restructuring.

Recruitment Agencies (Permanent) Market Report 2009 Key Topics Covered:

  • Market Definition
  • Market Size
  • Industry Background
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
  • Buying Behaviour
  • Current Issues
  • The Global Market
  • Forecasts
  • Company Profiles
  • Further Sources

Companies Mentioned:

  • Adecco Uk Ltd
  • Alexander Mann Group Ltd
  • Matchtech Group Plc
  • Michael Page International Plc
  • Morson Group Plc
  • Nes Group Ltd
  • Robert Walters Plc
  • Rullion Ltd
  • Spring Group Plc
  • Sthree Plc

Research and Markets
Laura Wood
Senior Manager
Fax from USA: 646-607-1907
Fax from rest of the world: +353-1-481-1716


Восстановление тех. характеристик авто до заводских Купчино 100 руб. н.ч | продвижение товара на рынок

Polachi Recruits President & CEO for Sell My Timeshare NOW

Polachi Access Executive Search™
Timeshare Resales Company, Sell My Timeshare NOW Announces Hiring of President and COO
Sell My Timeshare NOW, the global leader in the online advertising and marketing of timeshare resales and timeshare rentals, announces William Lee Goss as the company's new President and Chief Operating Officer.

Lee Goss comes to the timeshare resales marketing company with an extensive background that includes having most recently been the President and COO for Eons, Inc., and prior to that, a co-investor in and the COO of Boston-based Yankee Group. Goss' career includes extensive deal-making experience having directed growth equity and buy-out investments for the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based venture equity firm General Catalyst Partners, and having led global merger integration activities for Terra Lycos where the combined entities acquired more than thirty companies. Starting in the early 1990s as an analyst for American Airlines and reaching the level of Vice President, Goss grew up professionally in the travel and leisure industry.

Jason Tremblay, CEO and co-founder of Sell My Timeshare NOW, says, "We are extremely pleased to have Lee join our team. He brings a unique set of skills and expertise in managing businesses through rapid change and growth, which are critically important during this expansion phase of our company."

In December 2008, Edison Venture Fund became Sell My Timeshare NOW's sole institutional investor. Edison, with a history of commitment to high-growth, entrepreneurial technology companies, currently has $550 million under management. Edison's $8.5 million injection of growth capital positions Sell My Timeshare NOW to rapidly expand its timeshare sales and advertising services.

Lee Goss describes his enthusiasm and vision for the company, saying, "I am truly honored to partner with Jason and the team at Sell My Timeshare NOW. The company has a great entrepreneurial spirit, and has built an extraordinary online marketplace connecting timeshare buyers, renters, and sellers in such a way that I believe it has the potential to transform the timeshare resale industry."

Goss earned his MBA from Duke University and will be relocating his family to New Hampshire.

SellMyTimeshareNOW.com, the company's flagship website, offers internet advertising and marketing solutions and success-based timeshare brokerage services for timeshare owners. With corporate headquarters in Dover, NH, the company also has offices in Orlando and Tampa, FL. The timeshare company has over 160 employees and was recognized in 2008 by Inc.com as one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America. To learn more about Sell My Timeshare NOW, visit the company's website at www.sellmytimesharenow.com

Timeshare Resales Company, Sell My Timeshare NOW Announces Hiring of President and COO

InterSearch Worldwide's 90 offices across the globe were retained to execute more than 3,100 executive search assignments during 2008

InterSearch WorldwideInterSearch Worldwide's 90 offices across the globe were retained to execute more than 3,100 executive search assignments during 2008.

Approximately 150 of these searches were cross-border assignments, in which InterSearch consultants from more than one country cooperated in order to deliver the best possible results to the search firm's international clients. Consultants from all regions participated in these projects, including consultants from InterSearch offices in developing markets.

Major sectors with high demand for cross-border executive search business in 2008 included Automotive, IT/Electronics, FMCG, Capital Equipment and Machinery, Life Sciences, and Manufacturing.

InterSearch offices from all regions also reported a significant growth in demand for other services in 2008 compared to previous years, such as Board Director recruitment and management assessment.

InterSearch Worldwide is a global network of search firms consistently ranked amongst the largest retained executive search practices in the world by both Executive Recruiter News and search-consult magazines. For additional information, please visit www.intersearch.org

Media contact:

Harris Karaolides (+30 210 7294720 H.Karaolides@intersearch.org)
Carla Calvo ( +39 335 7429756
C.Calvo@intersearch.org )

Customer Consulting stresses help for redundancy survivors

Customer Consulting stresses help for redundancy survivors

In the current economic climate, almost every industry seems to be contemplating or making redundancies but those people remaining after these job cuts are just as important as those who leave. Ignore that at your peril is the advice of the specialist customer and change management company Customer Consulting Ltd (CCL).

CCL’s Managing Director, Simon Rustom, commented: “Redundancies are very much in the news. Employers in all sectors of the economy are thinking about whether or not they need to make them and, if so, how to make them with the minimum cost and disruption to their operations.

“While plenty of advice is being directed towards making redundancies or being declared redundant, the people who continue to work for the organisation and deal with its customers are arguably more important – at least to their employers,” he added.

Paul Seymour, as Associate Consultant with CCL, explained: “The people who stay will continue to deal with customers – and so their employers need to ensure that these workers provide a high quality service. Yet these people will be going through the same bereavement-like emotions as their less fortunate colleagues.

“If you’re going to keep up their morale and motivate them, you must recognise this and give them attention,” he said. “Despite all the things you say, they will still feel they are next – so you must give them regular reassurance that they are safe.”

When voluntary redundancy is offered, it is the best people in the organisation who have the confidence to move on and so they tend to leave first, Seymour observed. He added: “So it is always important to have a rigid selection process that assesses the key skills that are needed going forward; rate everyone against this matrix; be open about the process, and don’t be tempted to compromise the process just to achieve the numbers.”

In Seymour’s view, you can minimise the risk of de-motivating staff if you avoid announcing redundancies on a Friday, since it’s difficult to support staff – both those being made redundant and those who are not – over a weekend.

“Moreover,” added Seymour, “Don’t get a junior member of staff to deliver the news: it must come from a senior executive who is visible throughout the process.”

When it comes to controlling the ‘organisational grapevine’, Seymour advocates an ‘ABC’ approach in that you should:

§ Always be available to discuss it.

§ Be quick to quash destructive rumours.

§ Communicate openly rather than ‘pull down the shutters’, making the issue a regular briefing item.

Furthermore, he recommends creating a project team with representation from across all the organisation’s functions. This team will co-ordinate the whole procedure, determining the way in which the news is given to the workforce; by whom; where and when, and the support structures for those who are leaving and for those who will be remaining.

“Make sure there’s plenty of support available after the ‘big day’ as well,” said Seymour. “And expect productivity to drop – and account for it.”

CCL’s Simon Rustom added: “As change management specialists, CCL has a great deal of experience and expertise to offer its clients – across a wide range of industries - who are about to make redundancies and who want to emerge as a stronger, more productive organisation with more highly motivated and engaged employees.

“The key message is that, to achieve the best overall results from organisational change such as a redundancy programme, employers should look for specialist advice and guidance.”

About Customer Consulting Limited
Customer Consulting Ltd (CCL) is a specialist customer and change management company. It helps organisations to optimise their return on investment in customer management - especially contact centres and customer-orientated processes, information & technology.

Its vision is to deliver sustainable business growth through a best practice approach to customer management. CCL provides a combination of insight, intellect, wisdom and pragmatism - combined with a real understanding of people - to achieve commercial results that are beyond the norm. Using a joint project team approach, CCL offers advice and support to help companies develop and implement customer strategies that produce results.

With its 100 consultants averaging 20 years experience, CCL helps business leaders and their teams – including those at Norwich Union, BUPA, South West Trains and National Express Group – to activate their internal resources and ensure measurable success.

Further information from:

Kathy Duxbury

Customer Consulting Ltd,
500 Avebury Boulevard

00 44 (0) 1908 441012/
00 44 (0) 7976 405779


Search Firms Feel Chill of Recession

Search Firms Feel Chill of Recession
Executive Headhunter Shops Cutting Back
By Anita Huslin

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs, tens of thousands of them in the Washington region, many in the financial services and information technology fields. And now, the industry that traditionally has been fueled by workplace turnover and executive departures is feeling the repercussions of the economic downturn in its own ranks.

Over the past month, in response to shrinking revenue and declines in demand for their services, some of the nation's top executive search firms have announced or quietly begun implementing plans to trim their workforces, consolidate offices and move their services toward more business consulting work.

In the D.C. market, boutique firms with high-rent offices are downsizing to reduce expenses and meet corporate cost-cutting directives. Firms are luring top headhunters from the competition and trimming those who lack the active Rolodexes to keep clients coming in.

"The industry is on its back, floored," said John W. Franklin Jr., president and founder of JWF Advisors, a D.C. consulting firm that specializes in helping executives make career transitions. Search firms, Franklin said, "are all taking out the bottom fourth of their people."

It can be good for business to cull less productive workers and upgrade staff. But when public firms are forced to think in terms of quarterly earnings, Franklin suggested, they may also have to pass up opportunities to bring on new talent and build for the future. Korn/Ferry International, the largest publicly traded executive search firm in the country, led the search that yielded a successor to former New York Federal Reserve president Timothy F. Geithner, last month. At the same time, the firm's overall number of searches declined in the second quarter of '09, its fee revenue dropped and the firm announced it would lay off 15 percent of its employees. Locally, company officials said they have trimmed several of its search partners who work out of its K Street and Reston offices.

"We haven't done a dramatic reduction, yet," said Nels Olson, who manages the local Korn/Ferry offices, which employ 28 consultants. "We're not saying we wouldn't go through that going forward. We're as sensitive to the overall economic impact on our business as any other is." Earlier this year, Korn/Ferry announced a shift in focus to providing more executive consulting services and mid-level and interim placements.

At one of Korn/Ferry's top competitors, Heidrick & Struggles, the second-largest publicly traded U.S. executive placement firm, searches dropped 20 percent more than expected at the end of last year, and in January the company announced that it would seek to save about $30 million by closing and consolidating some of its 21 U.S. offices and by cutting 12 percent of its workforce. At the same time, the firm is restructuring its practice to beef up its executive advisory services, a process that is prompting it to take a $20 million write-down.

Read more >> washingtonpost.com

Lucas Group Appoints Andi Jennings President and CEO

Lucas Group

Lucas Group Appoints Andi Jennings President and CEO

Atlanta, GA
Lucas Group, a respected leader in professional recruiting, today announced that Ms. Andi Jennings, the company’s Vice President and General Manager, has been selected to succeed Art Lucas as President and Chief Executive Officer, effective February 18, 2009. In her new role, Jennings will be responsible for developing company growth strategies and working with Lucas Group’s global recruiter network to define and accelerate client service and candidate programs. Art Lucas, founder of Lucas Group, will retire after more than three decades with the company.

"Andi Jennings is one of the most respected executives in this industry and has played an integral leadership role in Lucas Group’s success to date,” said Art Lucas. "She has the deep knowledge of the executive search industry and Lucas Group’s business, as well as a keen understanding of our customers and the demands they face every day. As I go into retirement, I am confident that Andi’s appointment to CEO is the right step towards taking Lucas Group to the next level, and represents a natural evolution of leadership at the firm.”

Jennings began her career at Lucas Group in 1977 and, over the past 32 years, has worked her way up the ranks within the company. Most recently, as Vice President and General Manager she was responsible for strategic planning and leadership in Lucas Group’s Legal and Accounting & Finance divisions. During her tenure with Lucas Group, Jennings has opened several branch offices in major markets and led the project team responsible for a strategic acquisition of a key niche firm in the New York City market. She has led Lucas Group through the development, implementation and management of many key strategic partnerships with clients. Jennings has been widely published throughout her career on a number of career and recruitment-oriented topics.

“I will work diligently to preserve the best of what we have and build upon it,” said Jennings. “I consider it a privilege to be asked to carry on the continued success of Lucas Group. As I step into this role, I do so optimistically and with great excitement of what I, and the solid team I have around me, will achieve together.”

About Lucas Group
Lucas Group is one of the nation’s largest executive recruitment firms that built a reputation for successfully providing human capital placements in multiple markets and industries. The search firm has increased its reach, while maintaining a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge. Lucas Group focuses on recruiting top executives in management, advertising/marketing, sales, accounting, manufacturing, legal, military personnel transitioning and technical positions across all major industries. With offices nationwide and its expansion into Europe and Asia, Lucas Group performs search assignments for Fortune 100+ companies, as well as regional businesses and entrepreneurial firms.

For more information please contact:
Samantha Bontrager
Atlanta, GA
Lucas Group

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HR Recruiting Application & Applicant Tracking Software by iCIMS

iCIMS' Talent Platform is a tracking and recruiting software that puts HR & Recruiting Professionals in the best position to make the strongest hiring and employee management decisions, every time. iCIMS' unmatched flexibility coupled with the company's dedication to customer support proves that with iCIMS, There is a Difference....

iCIMS' web-based recruitment and HR software enables your organization to reduce Cost-per-Hire and Time-to-Fill through automation, presenting your organization with a tangible ROI. With applicant tracking, OFCCP management, onboarding, employee management and more, iCIMS' Talent Platform streamlines the entire talent lifecycle in one easy-to-use recruitment and HR software application.

iCIMS' new online demo outlines specifically how each individual user would benefit from the iCIMS experience. On this demo, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Candidates, HR Managers, and more describe the benefits they gain from utilizing iCIMS' Talent Platform.There are also many screenshots to give you a better look inside the actual system.

Even if you are not ready to move forward with a new Talent Management System, iCIMS' Free Online Demo will give you a great starting point for what to look for in a Talent Platform when you are ready to start your search. If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me directly.
Or, check out the demo for yourself at:http://www.icims.com/promo/view

Samantha Barrons
Marketing Associate

Glenn Manko Joins THE DUBIN GROUP to Lead Firm’s Executive Search Practice


Glenn Manko Joins THE DUBIN GROUP to Lead Firm’s Executive Search Practice
THE DUBIN GROUP Continues To Grow As Many Local Agencies Close Their Doors

PHILADELPHIA, PA (PRWeb) March 3, 2009 — The Dubin Group, a boutique staffing and executive search firm that specializes in temporary and direct hire placement of business professionals, is thrilled to welcome Glenn Manko to head their Executive Search practice. At a time when many recruiting firms are being forced to layoff employees, The Dubin Group is adding another line of service to their repertoire to further adapt and meet their clients’ staffing needs on every level.

“After a long courtship, The Dubin Group is very excited to have the opportunity to be associated with Glenn Manko,” says President and CEO, Kenny Dubin. “He brings nearly two decades of experience and expertise to the table, and it’s an honor to have Glenn become part of our recruiting family.”

Glenn comes to the firm with formidable experience in executive search at the Director-level and C-level, working across multiple disciplines that include sales, marketing, finance and human resources. Additionally, he has significant experience working within the Philadelphia legal community—both at the professional (associate and lateral) and non-professional (marketing, I.T. and administrative) levels. Glenn also has experience within the private equity sector, helping to build out portfolio company management teams.

Most recently, Glenn worked at BSG Partners, helping to introduce the firm to the Philadelphia corporate and legal communities. Previously, Glenn worked for T. Williams Consulting (TWC Group now Tapfin Process Solutions), where he served as a member of both the company’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services (RPO) and Executive Search teams. Projects included full-life cycle and retained executive search for companies that ranged from the private equity/emerging growth sector to several of the region's largest, privately-held corporations. Prior to that, Glenn spent time working for Cook Associates New York office as a Director in the Media and Entertainment Search practice. Glenn’s pre-search experience included owning and operating Bo Tree Entertainment where he worked on early career development for Grammy®-award winning artist John Legend and jazz great Gerald Veasley. He began his career in the entertainment industry serving as Director of Communications and Publicity for the multi-platinum record label Ruffhouse/Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment, whose roster included Grammy® winning acts the Fugees and Lauryn Hill.A Philadelphia native, Glenn was educated at Temple University and currently serves on the Board of Trustees for The University of the Arts.

About The Dubin Group:
The Dubin Group is a boutique staffing and executive search firm that specializes in temporary and direct hire placement of business professionals, including accounting, finance, human resources and administrative support roles. Services also include Outplacement Workshops and Seminars, as well as Candidate Employment Screening / Software Testing. Founded in 1998 by Kenny Dubin, The Dubin Group was recently ranked in the “Philadelphia 100” as one of the fastest-growing, privately held businesses in the Philadelphia region, and was named a winner of the Philadelphia Business Journal's "Best Places to Work." These accolades signify the firm's commitment to excellence both internally and externally.

With locations in Center City Philadelphia and West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, the goal at The Dubin Group is to make the hiring process exceptional for both candidates and clients. Their collective experience, capabilities and unique approach have been instrumental to their long-term success. Each team member strives to attain an unrivaled understanding of the clients' business, culture, capabilities and requirements for position openings and Outplacement needs. The staff conducts in depth; face-to-face interviews with all applicants to better understand their career objectives, technical abilities, salary and geographic preferences. Because they are so confident about their candidates, they have a 90-day guarantee for all placements. If the client is not completely satisfied, they will replace their candidate at no additional charge to the firm. For more information on how The Dubin Group can assist with your organization’s workforce planning needs, please visit http://www.thedubingroup.com/.

THE DUBIN GROUP – West Conshohocken
Matching Quality People with Professional Positions
100 Four Falls Corp. Center, Suite 103
West Conshohocken, PA 19428
(610) 667-5100 p (610) 667-5131 f

THE DUBIN GROUP - Philadelphia
Matching Quality People with Professional Positions
2 Penn Center, Suite 1303
1500 JFK Blvd
Philadelphia, PA
267-514-3200 p 267-514-3201 f

Questions: Melissa Wilson, Marketing Coordinator, The Dubin Group 267-514-3200 x15 mwilson@thedubingroup.com

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Cornerstone OnDemand Showcases Learning and Talent Management Software at CeBIT 2009

Cornerstone OnDemand Showcases
Learning and Talent Management Software at CeBIT 2009

Industry-leading SaaS-based platform enables high-impact success around employee collaboration, development and performance

HANNOVER, Germany, CeBIT 2009 – 2 March 2009 – California-based Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. (Booth No. A16/3, Hall 6) will showcase its award-winning learning and talent management software at this week’s CeBIT 2009 (3-8 March, 2009) global IT trade fair in Hannover, Germany. Recognised among the top category vendors by industry analyst firms such as Gartner and Bersin & Associates, Cornerstone’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based platform provides organisations of all sizes – and in all industries – with a comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for enabling high-impact success around employee collaboration, development and performance.

While overall IT spending is slowing, recent research indicates that investment in SaaS technologies such as human capital management software is increasing due to its relatively low implementation costs and low total cost of ownership. According to IDC, about 45 percent of companies will dedicate at least a quarter of their IT budget to SaaS-delivered business applications, compared with only 23 percent from IDC’s 2008 report.1

“Despite the economic downturn, it’s still critical for companies to invest in developing and retaining top talent,” said Vincent Belliveau, General Manager, EMEA, Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. “Cornerstone’s integrated software solution allows for greater organisational efficiencies, more impactful and cost-effective learning initiatives, improved workforce insight, and more strategic performance and career management. And our SaaS-based delivery allows even complex, global entities to rapidly deploy the solution across the organisation and easily integrate it with existing HRIS systems such as SAP or Peoplesoft.”

While core solutions for learning and performance are essential for addressing modern workplace issues, more companies are looking to enterprise social networking and Web 2.0 technologies – such as Cornerstone’s new Cornerstone Connect platform – to supplement their strategies for acquiring, onboarding, managing, developing and motivating employees. A recent survey conducted by industry analyst firm Knowledge Infusion shows that 62 percent of global companies feel HR should design a talent management strategy leveraging social software and technologies.2

“The only way to create a compelling business case for enterprise social networking and collaboration technologies is to implement them in practical ways that support real business goals,” commented Belliveau. “And by integrating them with applications for learning and performance, it significantly increases the levels of engagement and participation.”

About Cornerstone OnDemand
Cornerstone OnDemand empowers people around the world with on-demand, integrated learning and talent management software and services for connecting, developing and performing in the workplace. Cornerstone’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based solutions include onboarding, learning (e.g. e-Learning, instructor led training, virtual classrooms, etc.), social networking, compliance, performance, compensation and succession planning. Available in 14 languages and supported by global, 24x7 customer care, Cornerstone is used by more than 1.8 million active subscribers in 141 countries. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and has international offices in London, Paris, Munich, Tel Aviv and Mumbai.


Cornerstone® and Cornerstone OnDemand® are registered trademarks of Cornerstone OnDemand Inc.

1. IDC, “Economic Crisis Response: Worldwide Software as a Service Forecast Update” February 2009
2. Knowledge Infusion and Human Resource Executive Talent Management and Social Software Survey, November 2008

Media Contacts:

Michelle Haworth
Cornerstone OnDemand
Phone: +1 (310) 752-0178

Sinead Reynolds-Berti
Cornerstone OnDemand
+ 33 (0) 6 28 33 55 66

Bob Little
Bob Little Press & PR
+ 44 (0) 1727 860405

Strategic Planning For Executive Search Firms March 3, 2009 - March 18, 2009

Strategic Planning For Executive Search Firms

March 3, 2009 - March 18, 2009

What will your executive search practice/firm look like three years from now? If you're still searching for answers, take a moment to consider that your business rivals may already be planning for the future and changing the way they do business to stay competitive in a changing market for leadership talent. Now more than ever before, it's time to lead clients or be led by them.

The choice is yours to make, but it won't come without a dose of reality, effective visioning about what's possible, and an equal measure of risk to bring the full value of retained executive search to the corporate client.

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