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How to Write High-Profit Job Orders

How to Write High-Profit Job Orders
10 Ways to Save Time, Gain Control & Make More Money

Would you like to improve the quality of your job orders? Reduce stress? Make more placements? If so, I can help.
Join me as I share the secrets of recruiters who've freed themselves from the drudgery of slow-motion employers, indifferent surrogates and dysfunctional decision makers.
In my fast-paced 75-minute Webinar, you'll learn how to:

Recognize which clients are worth your time;
Convert average jobs into high-profit job orders;
Establish trust with the hiring manager;
Identify—and correct—early-stage problems; and
Strengthen your competitive advantage.

Plus, you'll gain valuable insights that will help you:

Save time and focus your efforts;
Negotiate stronger fees and guarantees;
Shorten the placement timeline;
Avoid and/or abort hopeless job orders;
Protect yourself against fee-cutting tricks; and
Make more placements—and more money.

Most recruiters play by the rules. Unfortunately, the rules are often stacked against us. If you'd like to learn a different set of rules—and how to make them work to your advantage—this Webinar is for you!
Remember, job order quality is a choice that only you can make. If you'd like to boost your earnings and change the way you run your business, please join me on Friday. For information, call me at (513) 624-7501 or click here to register. I'll see you online!

Bill Radin, President
Winning Strategies for Recruiters 

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Industry Veteran Joins Leading Management Consulting and Executive Search Firm

New York – (April 19, 2010) - Sucherman Consulting Group Inc., the premiere management consulting and executive search firm for the media and entertainment industries, today announced that media industry veteran, Erik Sorenson, has joined the senior management team as Executive Vice President of the consulting practice. Sorenson will support projects for the firm and manage new business development.  He will report directly to the firm’s founder and CEO, Stuart Sucherman. Sorenson, a seasoned executive and the winner of more than 20 Emmy awards, has extensive management experience in the fields of radio, local and network broadcast television, cable and syndicated television, and digital media, and brings a new edge to SCG’s already extensive media consulting capabilities.
      “I’ve known Erik for a long time,” says Stuart F. Sucherman. “He’s been involved in every aspect of the media business, from production to development to management.  He has handled many of the same issues our clients are facing.  He’s been in the trenches and the corner office, so he’ll be a terrific partner for them as they tackle their unique challenges.  ”
      Sorenson’s years of experience in TV and cable news and online media will add a new dimension to SCG’s media consulting capabilities. Sorenson will focus on developing new clients in the areas of news, entertainment, and sports and will also assist in developing new clients for executive search.
      “I have the highest regard for Stuart's judgment; strategic insights and unrivaled discretion,” says Sorenson. .”I am honored to partner with him and his outstanding team.”
      Sorenson has supervised the production of thousands of hours of non-fiction programming, as a media executive and entrepreneur.  Until recently, Sorenson was president and CEO of Vault.com, an online publisher of career management and job search intelligence with a subscription and advertising business model.
      Sorenson began his career in radio and transitioned to television in 1977.  At 28, he became the youngest-ever major market news director at KCBS-TV in Los Angeles, following stints as Executive Producer in San Diego and Chicago. After leading the LA news operation at the Fox-owned station in Los Angeles, Sorenson returned to KCBS-TV to become Vice President and General Manager. From 1989 to 1994, Sorenson was an Executive Producer at CBS NEWS, running CBS This Morning and the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather.  From 1996 to 1998 he worked at Court TV (now TruTV) as Executive Vice President.  In 1998, Sorenson became the President of MSNBC and ran the NBC cable news operation until 2004.  Sorenson was the co-founder and President of Triple Threat Television from 2004 until 2007 when he joined Vault.com.  
About Sucherman Consulting Group, Inc.
Sucherman Consulting Group, Inc., with offices in New York and Los Angeles, is a management consulting and executive search firm that specializes in working with a wide range of media and entertainment companies. These include cable and broadcast television networks, motion picture and television studios, broadcast stations and station groups, online media organizations, publishers and their parent companies. The firm’s primary focus is to work with the creative elements of these organizations in helping create business and programming strategies, re-designing organizational structures, decision-making processes, managing and recruiting key executives.   
Sucherman’s consulting clients include NBC Universal - NBC Network, CNBC & Telemundo, Disney - ABC News & ESPN, Discovery Channel Networks, Viacom – Showtime & MTV Networks, AOL, the New York Mets, and the New York Jets. Sucherman has placed executives at ABC, A&E, CNN, CNBC, Comedy Central, Endemol, Food Network, Fuse, Fox, Game Show Network, MTV, NBC, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Sundance, Telemundo, Tennis Channel, VH1, Viacom, the New York Mets, New York Jets and others.  (http://www.sucherman.com/)

How to Find Passive Candidates

Ever wish you could look DEEP INSIDE a social network, blog or company's Web site—and find a wealth of passive talent?
Well, now you can. By using the SITE search technique, you can source high-quality candidates online to fill more jobs.
Please join Mark Berger as he shares his step-by-step methodology for finding passive candidates buried within:

Social networks;
Business networks;
Company Web sites;
Internet communities and ISPs;
Free resume sites; and
Association and educational Web sites.
Using actual examples, Mark will show you how to use the SITE search technique for sourcing candidates from the Internet. Utilized by successful sourcers and recruiters, this search engine command can be used in a variety of ways to get the kind of great leads you need to fill your next position. 

Attendees will be able to immediately use the information provided to conduct successful Internet searches on a wide variety of candidate destinations. A PDF of the slides—plus a two-week, 24/7 replay for unlimited viewing—will be available to all participants.
If you're interested in learning a valuable technique to expand your candidate flow and boost your placement activity, this beginning-to-intermediate level Webinar is for you. Even if you're an advanced Internet sourcer, it's a good bet you'll pick up an idea or two.
To register, go to www.billradin.com/webinars.htm or call me at (513) 624-7501. See you online!

Bill Radin, President
Winning Strategies for Recruiters

InterSearch Worldwide's FMCG Practice Group: A Case Study

For multinational companies in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector, recruiting experienced leadership in developing markets is often a challenge.
This is one of the reasons that InterSearch Worldwide, a global network of search firms consistently ranked amongst the largest retained executive search practices globally and currently represented in more than 40 countries, recently announced the launch of its official FMCG & Retail Practice Group, which offers InterSearch's clients the advantage of conducting an executive search anywhere in the world, while guaranteeing the same high level of service they enjoy at home.

"Thanks to the valued input and support of our InterSearch partners, all information relating key accounts in the world of Consumer & Retail was brought together. This resulted in a practice group of more than 200 Consumer & Retail companies worldwide, signifying a tremendous potential for international assignments, as exemplified by several case studies. We are convinced this initiative will serve to support the further extension of our Intersearch network", commented Vanessa Delacourt, InterSearch's FMCG & Retail Practice Group Leader.

A case study is attached which illustrates a multiple country, successful search collaboration done in the FMCG space.  Walter Rach, Managing Director of Cook Associates (InterSearch’s USA partner), worked with the InterSearch’s partners in Brazil and India to complete two cross-border searches for Paramount Farms.

Walter Rach explained, “I was able to effectively leverage our InterSearch partnership to create an successful solution for my client, Paramount Farms, to fill critical international executive needs created by strong overseas growth.”  The case study focuses on the executive searches done for Paramount Farms in 2009 by InterSearch partners located in Brazil and India.

InterSearch's FMCG & Retail Practice Group is focused on providing recruiting top talent for clients in the following industries:
§  Consumer packaged and durable goods
§  Apparel & Fashion
§  Retail
§  Consumer Goods E-commerce

To learn more about the InterSearch Worldwide's FMCG Practice Group (http://www.intersearch.org/fmcg.html ) please contact Vanessa Delacourt V.Delacourt@intersearch.org 

InterSearch Worldwide is a global network of search firms consistently ranked amongst the largest retained executive search practices in the world by Executive Recruiter News and search-consult magazines. InterSearch is currently represented in more than 40 countries, staffed by local professionals selected for their experience and reputation in their own markets and their ability to operate internationally. For additional information, please visit www.intersearch.org.

InterSearch Worldwide Develops Cross-Border Business

In a year marked by a decline of revenue for most executive search organizations globally, InterSearch Worldwide's results for 2009 show a significant amount of cross-border executive search projects. "Cross-border" are search projects in which consultants from more than one country cooperate, in order to deliver the best possible results and added value to InterSearch's clients. 
InterSearch Consultants from all regions participated in these projects, including developing markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Central Eastern Europe, China, India, Russia and Turkey. In Europe, cross-border business was mainly developed in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Ireland. The Americas Region contribution to cross-border business increased in 2009, while the Asia Pacific Region was the one mostly affected by the crisis in terms of cross-border business development.
"Although the global crisis affected the traditional business-introducing countries and their clients, I’m proud to say that our organisation was able to work in a very proactive way and gain the trust of several new clients worldwide. We were able to widen our industry specialties and develop new ones, thanks to the dynamic entrepreneurship and flexibility of all InterSearch members, leading us to the acquisition of a more diversified clientele", commented Patricia Epperlein, Chairwoman of InterSearch Worldwide. 
Major sectors with high demand for cross-border executive search business in 2009 for InterSearch included not only the usual ones like Automotive, Biotechnology / Life Sciences, Capital Equipment, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, but also Environmental, Energy/Utilities, Engineering and Constructions, Pharmaceuticals and Professional Services.
InterSearch partners from more than 40 countries worldwide will gather in Marseille, France, in May 2010 to participate in the annual conference of the organization in order to evaluate the last year results and discuss future strategies.  
InterSearch Worldwide is a global network of search firms consistently ranked amongst the largest retained executive search practices in the world by Executive Recruiter News and search-consultmagazines. InterSearch is currently represented in more than 40 countries, staffed by local professionals selected for their experience and reputation in their own markets and their ability to operate internationally. For additional information, please visit www.intersearch.org.

Berkshire Search Partners is pleased to announce new talent acquisition services for the Telecommunications market

Berkshire Search Partners (www.berkshiresp.com) is pleased to announce new talent acquisition services for the Telecommunications market.

 Berkshire Search Partners is a unique executive search and recruiting business specializing in the “Communications, Convergence & Computing” industries in North America.

Berkshire Search Partners LLC, headquartered in Hackettstown, NJ, is pleased to announce its recent 2010 formation.  Berkshire is a boutique recruiting firm, meaning we aim to stay small, specialized, personalized, and solely focused on the human capital needs of the US and Canada telecommunications marketplace.  Our services are now available to Network Providers, OEMs and VARs involved in Communications, Convergence & Computing technologies, products and services.

The focus at Berkshire Search Partners is on Sales/Marketing, Engineering/Technical, and Management/Operations talent acquisition requirements.  Our business is designed to provide interested clients and qualified candidates with a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and assistance in a very personal and confidential approach.  We are experts at the telecom-centric job search process, offering more than 30 years work experience directly from within the telecom and convergence industries.

Berkshire Search Partners was founded by John Alexander, a 30-year telecom industry veteran.  John spent 15 years of his career working for 3 Telecom Service Providers, 13 years working for 3 Convergence Technology Companies, and 2 years within the Embedded Computing industry.

Our services are available to:
Clients - We provide qualified and interested candidates on a contingency fee basis to hiring employers who need new employees to fill key, important positions.  Qualified candidates can hit the job running and help organizations become more productive more quickly.

Candidates - We proactively seek out qualified candidates who are motivated to take on new and challenging work assignments in the industry.  We search for appropriate job opportunities with our clients as well as make targeted employer introductions for the qualified candidate, at no cost to the candidate.

Recent College Graduates – we provide graduating technology students with free, basic career planning & placement assistance, helping new graduates find hiring employers in the telecom industry.  For the NA telecom industry to stay innovative, competitive and growth-focused, it needs an influx of new, young and eager college talent to enter its workforce every year.  For many college grads, telecom can become a great new and rewarding career path for them.

Our market focus is:
Communications – We target int’l, national and regional telecommunications service providers, ILECs, CLECs, infrastructure OEMs, and product manufacturers.  Hot technology areas include 3G/4G, LTE/WiMAX, IMS/aTCA, Wireless, Broadband, SS7, NGN.

Convergence - We provide our services to IP telephony development companies, SW applications providers, DLECs, ISPs and ASPs.  Hot technology areas include VoIP, FoIP, SIP, IP video, IPTV, HD voice, speech processing, media server/gateway, IP PBX, IP contact center.

Computing – We assist Computer Software and Computer Hardware developers, OEMs, MFRs and VARs who build, sell and support communications-based platforms, products and services.  Hot technology focus includes unified communications (UC), cloud computing, telepresence.

MAG – We work with Military, Aerospace and Government (MAG) technology contractors involved in telecommunications technologies such as secure networking, satellite, radio, encryption, and VoIP.  With thousands of MAG engineers approaching retirement in the next decade, contractors now need to fill key job openings as well as recruit nextgen convergence talent into their ENG groups.

Enterprise IT Departments - As the US economy pulls out of the recent recession, the IT job market is predicted to gain momentum.  Corporate IT budgets will increase for new projects including VoIP PBX, UC, cloud computing, VM, Social Networking.  Enterprise IT staffs need to recruit Convergence & Telecom expertise (subject matter experts) onto their IT teams to support these new initiatives.

For more information about Berkshire Search Partners, please contact:
John Alexander, Partner
john.alexander723  skype
@bspjohn  twitter

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