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Berkshire Search Partners is pleased to announce new talent acquisition services for the Telecommunications market

Berkshire Search Partners (www.berkshiresp.com) is pleased to announce new talent acquisition services for the Telecommunications market.

 Berkshire Search Partners is a unique executive search and recruiting business specializing in the “Communications, Convergence & Computing” industries in North America.

Berkshire Search Partners LLC, headquartered in Hackettstown, NJ, is pleased to announce its recent 2010 formation.  Berkshire is a boutique recruiting firm, meaning we aim to stay small, specialized, personalized, and solely focused on the human capital needs of the US and Canada telecommunications marketplace.  Our services are now available to Network Providers, OEMs and VARs involved in Communications, Convergence & Computing technologies, products and services.

The focus at Berkshire Search Partners is on Sales/Marketing, Engineering/Technical, and Management/Operations talent acquisition requirements.  Our business is designed to provide interested clients and qualified candidates with a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and assistance in a very personal and confidential approach.  We are experts at the telecom-centric job search process, offering more than 30 years work experience directly from within the telecom and convergence industries.

Berkshire Search Partners was founded by John Alexander, a 30-year telecom industry veteran.  John spent 15 years of his career working for 3 Telecom Service Providers, 13 years working for 3 Convergence Technology Companies, and 2 years within the Embedded Computing industry.

Our services are available to:
Clients - We provide qualified and interested candidates on a contingency fee basis to hiring employers who need new employees to fill key, important positions.  Qualified candidates can hit the job running and help organizations become more productive more quickly.

Candidates - We proactively seek out qualified candidates who are motivated to take on new and challenging work assignments in the industry.  We search for appropriate job opportunities with our clients as well as make targeted employer introductions for the qualified candidate, at no cost to the candidate.

Recent College Graduates – we provide graduating technology students with free, basic career planning & placement assistance, helping new graduates find hiring employers in the telecom industry.  For the NA telecom industry to stay innovative, competitive and growth-focused, it needs an influx of new, young and eager college talent to enter its workforce every year.  For many college grads, telecom can become a great new and rewarding career path for them.

Our market focus is:
Communications – We target int’l, national and regional telecommunications service providers, ILECs, CLECs, infrastructure OEMs, and product manufacturers.  Hot technology areas include 3G/4G, LTE/WiMAX, IMS/aTCA, Wireless, Broadband, SS7, NGN.

Convergence - We provide our services to IP telephony development companies, SW applications providers, DLECs, ISPs and ASPs.  Hot technology areas include VoIP, FoIP, SIP, IP video, IPTV, HD voice, speech processing, media server/gateway, IP PBX, IP contact center.

Computing – We assist Computer Software and Computer Hardware developers, OEMs, MFRs and VARs who build, sell and support communications-based platforms, products and services.  Hot technology focus includes unified communications (UC), cloud computing, telepresence.

MAG – We work with Military, Aerospace and Government (MAG) technology contractors involved in telecommunications technologies such as secure networking, satellite, radio, encryption, and VoIP.  With thousands of MAG engineers approaching retirement in the next decade, contractors now need to fill key job openings as well as recruit nextgen convergence talent into their ENG groups.

Enterprise IT Departments - As the US economy pulls out of the recent recession, the IT job market is predicted to gain momentum.  Corporate IT budgets will increase for new projects including VoIP PBX, UC, cloud computing, VM, Social Networking.  Enterprise IT staffs need to recruit Convergence & Telecom expertise (subject matter experts) onto their IT teams to support these new initiatives.

For more information about Berkshire Search Partners, please contact:
John Alexander, Partner
john.alexander723  skype
@bspjohn  twitter

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