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Bill Radin - Sales Training for Recruiters

Dear Recruiter:
It's a fact: Recruiting is SALES.
And yet, few recruiters have any basic sales training, especially when it comes to recruiting.
The Limits of Information Technology
Face it, everyone has access—or will soon have access—to the same information.
As the value of information goes down, it only elevates the need for sales skills in the placement equation. Think about it. If you can't effectively:
Pitch a jobQualify a candidateHandle objections
Sell your servicesNegotiate 
an offer
Close the sale

What's your value to candidates or employers?
A Special Two-Part Webinar
If you'd like to improve your ability to communicate ideas and understand and fill the needs of your candidates and hiring managers, I hope you'll join me for this exciting, two-part program. 
Here's what you'll learn from this fast-moving, two-part Webinar:
 Part 1: Selling to Companies & Hiring Managers
Thursday, December 16 - 12:00 Noon ET - 60 minutes
Expand your selling vocabulary;
Establish a unique value proposition;
Prospect, qualify, close and handle concerns;
Sell your ability to fill the job;
Create a partnership with prospective clients;
Set expectations and deliverables;
Influence the terms of the offer; and
Close the deal and get repeat business.
 Part 2: Selling to Active & Passive Candidates
Friday, December 17 - 12:00 Noon ET - 60 minutes
Design a powerful recruiting script;
Use sound bites to sell a hot job opportunity;
Get referrals to other candidates;
Gather market information;
Handle concerns and overcome obstacles;
Qualify to ensure a high level of interest;
Pre-close to verify commitment; and
Close—and protect—the placement.
If you'd like to expand your influence, improve your business relationships, assume more authority, work more efficiently and make more money, this Webinar is for you! For information or to register, please visit my Web site at http://www.billradin.com/webinars.htm

Bill Radin, President
Winning Strategies for Recruiters
P.S. All attendees will receive a whopping 50% discount on all my best-selling books, CDs and audio programs.


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